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Macro Photography Live Chat #48 – Alex Wild

What a fun time! Watch Alex Wild Premiere on the Macro Photography Live Chat Show #48. His work is AMAZING! Be inspired and learn about Alex’s story plus how he makes his beautiful work, and you’ll get a bonus… he gives us so much more about the subjects he photographs.

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

00:50 Show starts
02:58 Our Sponsor SJP membership program
03:37 Alex Wild get to know him
12:06 What’s Alex’s process when he photographs
22:77 Alex gives you tip on his site
27:00 Post-processing info
29:52 Question from Stacey – Focus stacking
33:18 Critique Time
40:31 Equipment time
47:29 Alex’s tip for you bug shooters
49:26 Workshop and other info to work with Alex

Alex Wild is a Texas-based biologist who started photographing insects in 2002 as an aesthetic complement to his scientific work on ant taxonomy and evolution. Alex holds a Ph.D. in Entomology from The University of California/Davis and is Curator of Entomology at The University of Texas at Austin. His photographs appear in numerous natural history museums, magazines, books, television programs, and other media.

Selected Credits:

BBC Wildlife
New York Times
Washington Post
National Geographic
New Scientist
Natural History
USA Today
Discovery Channel
Ranger Rick
Popular Science
Scientific American
Audubon Nature Institute Insectarium
Chicago Field Museum
California Academy of Sciences
American Museum of Natural History
Cleveland Zoo
Current Biology

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Janice Sullivan

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