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Macro Photography Live Chat #37 – Valentines Red

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

2:42 – Sponsor
05:21 – Fixing reds in Camera
14:36 – Working in Lightroom to print
30:31 – Changing up your work…make it different
34:23 – Critique Time Flower
45:11 – Critique Time Lips
53:18 – Equipment Time

We chatted about the problems of shooting red and high saturated colors and then printing them.  Thank you for taking the time to focus on Close-up, Macro, and Microphotography!  If you have time I’d love it if you shared this or any other Macro Show post.  Let’s get the Macro Photographers to start chatting about what we love. xoxo

I just started a series of how to express yourself with your photography, you can check out the first video here.  There IS homework 🙂

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show

Want your image critiqued? Join our Facebook group or check out our Macro Chat Live Show page to submit your questions and images.

Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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