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Macro Photography Live Chat #36 – Jackie Kramer

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

02:21 – Start of Show
05:31 – Sponsor
08:05 – Jackie’s Journey
13:02 – Chat sharing Jackie’s images. Her thought process.
32:53 – There is a slight pause where AD asks Jackie what influenced her blurred backgrounds
01:01:25 – Critique Time, In the beginning, we lost sound but come back at this time.
01:10:15 – Equipment Time – Jackie’s favs
01:14:42 – Jackie’s Exhibition and workshop


Clyde Butcher Exhibition

Jackie’s Workshops

Her equipment:

Canon 5D IV
Canon 100mm Macro Lens
Canon 180mm Macro Lens
Lens Babies Bokah Velvet 86 and 85
Lens Babies Sweets 35 and 50
Sole 45
Helio Vintage lenses
Vintage Lens Babies
Canon Speed Light
Flashlight Reflectors and Diffuser
Lens Baby

Jackie’s Facebook Group – Phlorography

Hunt’s Photo:

Please use the link or contact Gary directly at

-Save 15% on all Lensbaby lenses

-Save 20% on all used macro lenses-Contact Gary at for pricing and availability.

Some lenses currently available:

Canon 100mm 2.8 macro
Canon 60mm macro
Tamron 90mm macro (nikon)
Olympus 60mm macro
Fuji 80mm macro

See Jackie’s beautiful work here. 

Jackie was such a pleasure to have on the show.  She gave me a variety of work to share her shooting and post-processing techniques. She answers a lot of questions from our live viewers and talked about her favorite equipment.

This is a MUST SEE show if you love to photograph flowers.  I highly recommend you checking out her workshops on her website here.

I just started a series of how to express yourself with your photography that was inspired by Jackie, you can check out the first video here.  There IS homework 🙂

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show

Want your image critiqued? Join our Facebook group or check out our Macro Chat Live Show page to submit your questions and images.

Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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