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Macro Photography with Mitchel Wu Toy Photographer Chat

This is what you’ll learn in this show:

00:58 – Saying hello with Mitchel Wu?

04:21 – AFS Inner Circle Membership Sponsor for Macro and Landscape photographers

04: 52 – Mitchel’s interview on PBS… link is below.

6:04 – Mitchel’s Journey… it’s amazing so don’t miss this!

12:45 – We look at his website and he shares with us tons of great information, especially how he uses light to grab your attention.

20:38 – Learn about some of his behind the scenes techniques

22:06 – We dive into post-processing

26:14 – Mitch shares information on one of his favorite image and the time it takes to make his work

31:06  –  Mitchel talks about getting you out of the creative slump.

32:45 – Some business tips and how he works his personal work.

35:56 – Elise was awesome and the only one to submit work.  Mitchel gives here some great tips!

48:54 – Learn all about Mitchel’s fun equipment

58:39 – Some behind the scene info on what’s coming up, well… kinda behind the scenes 🙂

Check out Mitchel’s PBS interview HERE…so worth your time!

Grab some of his discounts here:

Litra Lights: Promo Code for 15% off purchases on the Litra website: BOOST-15-CREATIVITY SpiderHolster: Promo Code for 20% off purchases on the SpiderHolster website: SPIDERGEAR20

As you probably can see from the timestamps it was an amazing show!  I’ll keep you in the loop on Mitchel’s shows and his interview that will be on Disney+ 🙂

Cheers to Mitch and his toys,

Janice Sullivan

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