Macro Photography Chat Live Show 67 – Monica Royal 2

We were honored to have Monica Royal on the Macro Chat Live show again!

She’s so talented and can teach fine art photography so easily! Definetally take a class from her you’ll learn so much!

TweetThis: “You can make work by training yourself to see.” @monica_royal via @sullivanjphotog

This is what you’ll learn:

08:48 – Get dirty and down low with your subjects she did and it opened a whole new world for her. She became a Tameron ambassador…

11:35 – Yep, I was honored to find out that little old me got Monica inspired again 😉

14:34 – Learn to see your subjects, shape, texture, properties…

19:53 – Pay attention to your surrounding you never know what you’ll find.

22:51 – How to make waterdrop art pieces.

26:52 – How to use rocks to make bokeh,

31:58 – Think about making companion pieces.

36:48 – Monica give some awesome feedback

46:10 – We dive into Monica’s tools that she uses…

49:02 – Monica shares tips on how she works with waterdrops.

51:18 – Learn where to work with Monica…



Want to know more about Monica?  See her beautiful work here!

From Monica’s website:

Monica Royal

I am fortunate enough to be living my dream. A career in fine art photography allows me to listen and be heard at the same time. I ‘listen’ to the subjects I photograph and then I feel like it allows me to convey something and be ‘heard’ by the viewer.

Growing up in Canada I never thought a career as a fine art photographer would be possible. My first career was in Criminology. That turned out to be rather stressful – to say the least, and not particularly fulfilling in the long run. I moved to California in 1999. That was the turning point for me. I decided that it was time to take my hobby and turn it into a career. I’m so glad I did, I’ve never looked back.       Cheers, Monica


I have to say Monica ended our show perfectly…

Monica, “Be nice… be more positive, let’s remember to everyone is going through tough times…”


Janice & Monica ;0)

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