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Macro Live Chat Show #3o – Rik Littlefield

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

01:56 – How did Rik get into photography and develop Zerene Stacker.

09:41 – How did Rik come up with the name for Zerene

11:20 – Rik’s images and thought the process for details.

19:09 – Critique Time

34:33 – Equipment Time

41:44 –

42:23 –

44:56 – Rik’s project

46:53 – Stereo Pairs – 3D

48:27 – Zerene Stacker

51:45 – Rik’s plans for the future

57:51 – Butterfly Scales

01:02:07 – 3D video of moss ~~WOW!

01:05:11 – Bugs up Close Book – Grab it here.


Rik was so gracious to give us the links and the information that goes with them:
This is the video of flying over a forest of moss.  It was created by Mr. Wim van Egmond from only a handful of stacks, by processing each stack repeatedly using Zerene Stacker’s “synthetic stereo and rocking” capability.  There is some discussion of the video at and in the surrounding thread.
Images of the raspberry, the bug eggs, and the parasitic wasp that I talked about.
Discussion of the sunset moth scales.  The surrounding thread has a lot more discussion and images.

One last link that people may be interested in:

This mostly contains links to postings of my own at, that I think I might want to find quickly again.  The list is long — almost 800 bullets at this point, but even so it’s a lot shorter than the total of currently over 19,000 postings that I’ve made into the forum.

The book that I showed off is “Bugs Up Close: A Magnified Look at the Incredible World of Insects”, by Lars-Åke Janzon (author) and John Hallmén (photographer).  ISBN is 1629144827.  Currently available via .  It’s available as Kindle or hardcover; I recommend hardcover.

Image contributors

Jon Brooks

Jery Sid 

WOW!  Yes, another amazing show.  I had soooooo much fun chatting with Rik!  What a nice person and the information he gave us on the show was spectacular!  Don’t worry about the time stamps…go for it and watch the complete show.  Your time will be spent well during the hour.  🙂

This show is packed with info, so grab your favorite drink and enjoy!  Feel free to leave comments and if there are any Macro Photographers that you love, let me know.  I’ll ask them to be on the show…you never know, they may just say yes.

Our next show is on November 8th, with lil old me, so submit your questions and images asap!

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show

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Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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