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Macro Live Chat Show #21 – Alan Shapiro

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

05:58 – How Alan got into photography
10:19 – Alan’s thought process while photographing
13:48 – Post-Processing discussion
22:19 – Critique Time
49:15 – Equipment Time
01:03:14 – How to keep motivated
01:05:30 – What is Alan up to?

Alan’s Book
Moments in the Monochrome Garden

What a fun time with Alan Shapiro!  He’s such an amazing soul and his work is incredible!

We gave away a $50 gift card from Amazon (one of my favorite places to shop)!  Congratulations to Laura Gaffke.  I wish I could have given everyone a gift card for sharing the show with their friends!

Alan was so gracious that he did a live giveaway!  I was like What??!!…How cool is that!  He shocked the hell out of me with his offer. Siri Brændshøi ended up winning the one-hour FREE consultation from him!  Can I say AMAZING again?!  🙂

On our next show Thursday, June 21, I’ll have Harold Ross. Talk about light painting, this photographer is the King for that style of imagery.  You can check out his work by clicking the link below:

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show

Want your image critiqued? Join our Facebook group or check out our Macro Chat Live Show page to submit your questions and images.

Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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