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Have you checked out the Macro Chat Live Show lately….. or at all?  If you love micro, close-up or macro photography, then you need to check out our show!

For 2018 I have decided to have guest photographers on the show and guess what?  Everyone that I have asked has said YES.  Wahooh!!

It’s exciting because these photographers have that same special passion we all have for macro/close-up photography!  🙂

My first guest was A.D. Wheeler–> his show is below.. check it out! Macro LIve Chat show is live every other Thursday at 6p PST. Our next show will be February 1st with Mike Moats. Today’s show: 5:44– Introductions 10:11– Sponsors 10:58– A.D. Wheelers website and more 18:27– Sharing A.D’s Macro/ Close up Image 40:26– Equipment 52:26 Kim’s flower critique 1:03:17– Arun water drop critique 1:17:15– What is A.D. up to? A.D’s Equipment Orbis Ring Flash kit (used) on eBay: Autofocus Ext Tube (various models):


My second guest was Mike Moats Macro Live Chat show is live every other Thursday at 6p PST. 05:28 Mike gets into Macro Photography 07:06 Sharing Mikes Images and chats about how he shoots and post processes plus much more. 18:42 How does keep motivated 26:03 Mike’s Equipment 39:53 Critiques 01:01:25 Mike’s workshops and more 01:10:48 Mike’s last thoughts – some great tips!

Next month I have Don Komarechka…you check out his work here.

I have others joining me on this new adventure and I’m so honored that they said yes!   If you would like to see the live broadcasts then subscribe below on your favorite platform.

I’m also starting a podcast where you can listen to the audio part of the show.  I’m working on that now ;0)

My next show will be on Thursday, February 15th at 5 pm PST…if you missed this show, again no worries it’s on every other Thursday.  6pm was too hard on my East Coast friends so I changed the time. 😉

Join and chat with me here:




There are many of us that are obsessed with Macro photography…join the family and see some fun images, equipment and critiques.

Want one of your images on the show?  Read more here and of course, if you have any questions or would like one of your favorite photographs to join me…feel free to comment below.


One last note for the day…

Of course, I have to share with you our membership program.  We just opened it for Macro and Landscape photographers, to learn more click here.

During the holidays I did a live call with our members to show them how I make circles of confusion in my images.  Yep, they are real, no filters here 😉


If you’re interested…I did an update video today too 😉

Thanks for stopping in!  Remember A thousand words does make a difference…




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