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Macro Chat Live Show – Feedback Loop #78

Welcome to Thursday FEEDBACK LOOP on the Macro Chat Live Show! You’re always invited to join us for the Macro Chat Live Show  – Feedback Loop and maybe you’ll get your next macro photography tricks and macro photo tips / macro photography ideas.

You can submit your images using the link below to grab some photography critiques so you can take your images to the next level and be featured on the NEXT Feedback Loop. 

Would you like to add your work to the show for feedback? You can here:

This is what you’ll learn in this show:


04:52 | Welcome to the Macro Chat Live Show

5:54 | All about the Macro Chat Live Show

6:45 | Shoutouts! (yay)

9:13 | About feedback loop

11:18 | Show Schedule 17:14 | David’s Image (Flower)

20:10 | AD’s Feedback on David’s Image

28:10 | Janice’s feedback on David’s Image

32:53 | Baz’s Image & Set-up (Bubble)

43:51 | Macro Equipment Time

58:17 | JR’s Image

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