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Macro Chat Live Show – Feedback Loop #79

Welcome to Thursday FEEDBACK LOOP on the Macro Chat Live Show – Feedback Loop where we share macro photography tips and tricks, macro photography ideas AND macro photography how-to’s. Bonus is we also talk about macro photography equipment and macro photography set up.

This is what you’ll learn in this show:


0:00 | Intro

01:28 | Welcome to the Macro Chat Live Show!

08:31 | Call to submit YOUR photos 🙂

11:46 | Schedule of Next Feedback Loop (March 18th Thurs)

13:36 | JR’s Image

20:20 | JR’s Image “Chaos”

26:21 | JR’s Image “Old Rose”

43:38 | Greg’s Image

53:26 | Elise’s Image

To see all of the Macro Chat Live Show’s CLICK HERE.  Grab a drink and a snack and enjoy… I did 😉



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