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Macro Chat Live Show – Ben Tuxworth (ADAPTALUX)


Welcome to Macro Chat Live Show! This show is all about Closeup, Macro, and Microphotography.

We feature amazing guests like Ben Tuxworth from Adaptalux, focusing on Closeup, Macro, and Microphotography.

We have critiques and share equipment plus much, much, more…

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This is what you’ll learn in this show:


4:48 | Welcome Ben!

5:36 | Short Intro to Macro Chat Live Show & Schedule

8:19 | Where Ben Started and At Present

14:00 | Showcase of Ben’s IG (Adaptalux)

15:19 | Ben’s Creative/Thought Process

19:16 | Ben on Post-Processing

24:13 | Ben’s Tips on Photography

25:33 | Tip: Subject Box

27:58 | Tips Using Adaptalux (Lighting, composition, etc.)

30:45 | Photography Feedback with Ben

43:00 | Ben’s Favorite MACRO Equipment

To get you ready for the show… 

Ben Tuxworth studied BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle. Since graduating, he has always been a photographer of one kind or another. Starting out in wedding & portraiture, e-commerce & product photography and now, of course, macro.

Ben is a visual creative at heart, pouring his unique and artistic style into everything he does. Alongside photography, Ben excels at graphic & web design and played a significant role in shaping the Adaptalux branding and website into what you see today. Ben has a very charming and fun personality, which when combined with his skill set makes him an excellent content creator. He enjoys experimenting with new techniques and sharing ways to use the Adaptalux Studio with our community of photographers.

You can see Ben’s ideas and tutorials on our YouTube channel and blog. His kind and helpful nature means he is always willing to chat and help people out, so make sure to leave a comment for him on a video to say hi!

Ben’s links:


Janice Sullivan


Want to learn more about continuous lighting so you can be creative with your subjects? Click Here


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  • Joe Czmiel says:

    Please ask Ben to respond…
    I seen one of your YouTube videos and I’m a novice photographer. Right now I’m taking photos (for a school project) of a flat green circuit board (how I found your video). I have a Canon EOS Rebel T7 dslr camera with a kit lens. The board is 13″ x 8″. All the lighting and placement conditions are perfect and I’m shooting on a tripod from 2′ away. The problem is I CAN’T get the entire board in focus. MOST of the board is but there are small areas that are not. PLEASE tell me what I need to do or get (macro or other). THANK YOU!

  • I can respond… The closer you get to your subject the harder it is to get everything in focus. My question is what fstop are you using Joe.

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