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Macro Chat Live Show # 76 – Feedback Loop

Welcome to Macro Chat Live Show! This show is all about Closeup, Macro, and Microphotography.

We feature amazing guests, focusing on Closeup, Macro, and Microphotography and we have critiques, share equipment, and post-processing so you can create work that you love… plus much, much more…

I’m Janice Sullivan from Sullivan J Photography where we help you love your Macro Photography so you’re proud to share them with the world! And with me is my co-host, producer, and one of my photography mentors, AD Wheeler, from the

Today’s show is our Image Feedback loop, where You submit images and we give you some tips and tricks and also give you some homework to push you out of your comfort zone…

This is what you’ll learn in this show:



00:00 | Pre-Chat fun

01:40 | Macro Chat Begins

03:01 | Who are we?

05:30 | How to submit your images for the show

11:48 | On purpose shoots

16:08 | Chatting about goal setting

20:49 | Feedback on symmetry and waterdrops on leaf

36:15 | Feedback on water refractions

44:56 | Equipment segment

53:51 | Feedback on stories in flowers

01:08:00 Final wrapup…


Best Macro Cameras


Have you seen my last show with Anne Belmont?  If you love flowers this is a must-see show. CLICK HERE

Cheers to Macro Photography,

Janice Sullivan

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