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Macro Chat Live Show 72 – Spooktacular Show

You’re invited to join us on “The Macro Photography Chat Live Show”! This is where we chat with you on Close-up, Macro, and Microphotography.

This is what you’ll learn in this show:

02:57 – We start the show and chat a bit.

13:52 – AFS Inner Circle – Landscape and Macro photographers leveling up their work

14:28 – The plan for the show and submitting your work

18:18 – Spooktucular Images…

23:00 – Feedback Loop where we talk about color, lighting, refraction, and more…

40:40 – For equipment/tool time we share several youtube links for you and some Halloween Pumpkin Inspiration for you to photograph

52:19 – We share more amazing Spooktacular Images

01:01:01 – Learn about the pixel shift technology

Pumpkin Carving Video:




Feel free to leave a comment of a photographer that you would love to have on the show.  If they’re on I’ll them them know you referred them to me xo



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