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Today we talked about Water Drop photography and Macro Fine Art Photography. If you would like to watch the video by sections I have put the time points below, there will also be links next to the items that we have more information about or a video:

18:23 is our video on how to create water droplets- Macro water drop kit-

23:22 Section on lighting

26:06 Second critique on Jamuna Berry on her Orchid Flood image- Free trial for Flood 2 –

Flood 2 YouTube video on how to use it. –

33:28 Section on equipment. Janice talks about being able to rent lenses and items to try out first so you don’t spend a lot of money if you don’t like it.

42:46 Macro lenses-

To have your image critiqued on Macro Chat Live you can submit in our Facebook group or if you don’t like Facebook use the link below.

Borrowed Lenses

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