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Macro Photography Live Chat 54# – Holiday Special

It was so nice chatting with you all and we had 2 chatters from the UK!  Wow! It’s the middle of the night for them… crazy honored that they were up late to chat with me and to have all of the other live chatters and replayer watching the show.

We had a lot of fun talking about water refractions, stacking images, differnt ways to photograph light during the holidays and a bit about Camranger’s behind the scenes.

Baz asked me why do I shoot HDR when I shoot Macro.  I enjoyed talking about my process and love it when I get questions from you.

Time Stamps and Links

Time Stamp:

04:15 Show begins, oops I had my mic on mute, LOL!

12:55 Three different ways to photograph holiday lights

19:42 Why I made the Macro Live Chat Show

22:52 Critique Time – Water drop refraction from Baz

40:10 Equipment time

49:10 Baz question, “Why do I shoot HDR with my Macro work most of the time?”


Camranger 2

Sharing the Love

Where to watch the Macro Photography Live Chat Show


Happy Holidays Macro Lovers!

Want your image critiqued or have questions? Join our Facebook group HERE.

Feel free to submit any kind of Close-up, Macro, and Microimage for the show or ask away with your questions.

Hope to see you there!

Janice Sullivan

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