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Macro Chat Live Show – Feedback Loop #80

Welcome to Thursday FEEDBACK LOOP on the Macro Chat Live Show! I’ve got some HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS today and it deeply saddens me to say this…

This is the Macro Chat Live Show #80 – Feedback Loop and maybe you’ll get your next macro photography tricks and macro photo tips / macro photography ideas.

If you don’t know what the Feedback Loop is about, it’s US critiquing YOUR photos for your personal improvement and development, we know those who have submitted in this show has gone LEAAAAPS from where they started, so that’s proof that this actually works!

This is what you’ll learn in this show:


0:00 | Intro

1:00 | Welcome to the Macro Chat Live Show + HUGE Announcements

7:37 | JR’s Image “Corkscrews”

9:35 | JR’s Image “Wooden Shoes”

10:51 | Paul’s Image “Abstract Flower”

12:19 | Paul’s Image “Frog Face”

14:13 | Paul’s Image “Leaf Droplets”

16:19 | Paul’s Image “See my Shadow”

17:20 | Tiago’s Image

19:36 | Quick plug-ins

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