Submission is for fun and to bring us all together to enjoy Macro photography…

Add your work to our dropbox and complete the form with just your name so we know it’s your image 🙂

We must know your goal for the image.  You can submit up to three or if you have a portfolio you can submit 10 of them and give us your small artist statement.


Janice and AD

Want Your Images on the Macro Photography Live Chat Show?

You can submit 3 individual images for the Feedback Loop Segment.

We ask for some details about the work you submit.  If you could give us your exposure settings and the lens you used that would be awesome BUT the most important information we would like is the goal you are working on for each image.  If you’re having a problem figuring that out check out the why questions below.

We want to know WHY you submitted the photo, WHY you pressed the shutter button, and WHY/HOW you post-processed it (if any).

You can submit a portfolio of up to 10 images but you must have a short artist statement to go with them.

  • tell us about the work thinking about the group
  • introduce your enthusiasm for the images
  • give a hint about the why of the artwork
  • keep it short

We will email you if we think you’ll be on the show.  We work on a first come first serve basis, if we don’t get to your image you’ll be on the next feedback loop show.

We love to give homework and hope that you add your to-dos in our Facebook Group.

Please write the details in the form below and then CLICK HERE to upload your images for the show.

How to submit work to Macro Show — Watch Video

    Don't forget to upload your images. Please use the link above. A new window will open. Just drag your files from your desktop to that window and let the files upload. When they are done, close that window, Click the Accept box next to THE FILE UPLOADER line, and then the Send button and you are all set.

    Thank you !

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