Macro Chat Live Show 17 – Flash

3:18- What we do

19:14- Ask me anything

21:14- Macro lens- Sony

26:21- Flash discussion- what kind of macro flash to use

28:36- My blog post regarding ring light

31:15- Macro twin lite and accessories

35:29- Snoots for flashes

38:40- Becky’s critique

47:32- Catherine’s critique

57:16- How to submit questions & images for show

Janice Sullivan

Owner - Photographer at Sullivan J Photography
Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer who specializes in Macro, Landscape Imagery.When Janice isn’t out photographing, she is working on her membership program.Janice’s work has been published in a variety of publications and has her work in hotels and restaurants around the United States and Canada.

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