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So exciting to check off photographing a subject on my bucket list.

I have always dreamed of capturing the beauty of the forest. You see, I have lived most of my life in Southern California. We have forests but nothing like the forests of Tennessee.

So one spring morning, I set out on an adventure to capture the beauty of the Tennessee forest. As I made my way through the winding trails, I felt a sense of excitement and anticipation. The lush greenery and vibrant forest colors greeted me, and I knew this would be a lifetime journey.

As I walked deeper into the forest, I was struck by the feeling of new life all around me. The air was filled with the sweet scent of fresh flowers, and the chirping of birds echoed through the trees.

I felt alive and inspired, and I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for.

As I began taking photographs, I struggled to capture the essence of the forest’s beauty. I had never seen colors like these before and felt so moved by nature’s wonders. The light, the colors, and the sounds all came together in perfect harmony, but it was difficult to capture that feeling in a single frame.

Despite the challenges, I persisted, trying to capture every angle, every color, and every detail. I spent hours in the forest, capturing every moment of this magical experience, but I knew this was just the beginning.

When the time came to share this photograph with the world, I felt a sense of vulnerability. I had poured my heart and soul into this image, and I wanted nothing more than to share it with others.

But I also knew that not everyone would appreciate or understand the beauty of the forest as I do.

Nevertheless, I took a deep breath and shared this with you because I am a tree hugger 😉 and hope you feel what I did while I pushed the shutter button.

You see, I’ve learned that sometimes the greatest reward comes not from the beauty of the image but from the joy of sharing it with others. And so, I will continue on my journey, always seeking new adventures and new beauty to capture for you and me.



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