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Oatman Arizona Ghost Town

If you’ve never been to Oatman, Arizona then pack your bags and hop in the car for an amazing road trip!  From the image below you wouldn’t think it’s a Ghost Town.  It’s still living with amazing places to eat, cool shops that you’ll want to buy from and of course some fun history to enjoy!

It’s a great location to experience the descendants of burros from past miners. These wild burros walk around freely within the tiny town.  They are a main attraction for sure! If you crave historical places with some flare, head out to Oatman, Arizona.

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Oatman, Arizona – Route 66


It’s right smack in the middle of Route 66!  As I shot this place, I visualized these miners trying to make a living.  The landscape was beautiful…picture in your mind the view without all of the electrical poles.  😉

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Old 66 sign in Oatman, Arizona.


The baby burro was trying to nap, with the ears back, I did my best not bother it.

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Burro in Oatman. Arizona, taking a nap between buildings.


As I was sitting on the bench taking everything in, this burro decides to have lunch with me. They love people and the local shops sell food so you can feed them. Another amazing moment in this tiny Ghost Town.

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Burro eating hay in Oatman, AZ.


The museum was fun…it seemed everywhere I looked there was some kind of history piece that I wanted to photograph.  Below is just a bit of what you can see in the town. 

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Old mining equipment.

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Old cashbox used in Oatman, AZ.

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Old boots in restaurant.

funny signs every where


One of my photographer friends Leah has an Aunt who owns  “The Classy Ass”. It’s a great place to grab some goodies. If you stop in, tell Lynnette… Janice sent you. 🙂

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Fun gift shop in Oatman.


I know you’ll feel like Oatman is an amazing Candy Shop.  Everything is so yummy!  The history, people, photo ops, burros. etc… I could keep going with the yummies.  Oh, and by the way…yes, Oatman has a Candy Shop too!

Oatman, Arizona, Ghost Town

Candy Shoppe – Oatman Arizona


Have you been to Oatman, Arizona?  If your answer is a yes, please comment on your favorite part of this amazing old mining town.  If it’s a no…start packing!

A quick tip…go past the town and keep driving a bit… you’ll see an amazing mine.  It’s a wow moment!

Enjoy…I know you will!
Janice Sullivan

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