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Big Bear California

Today I’d like to share with you our road trip to Big Bear in Southern California.

It’s been really hot and sticky in Southern California so we decided to go up our local mountains.  Big Bear was the destination…and what a blast we had.  We took the Jeep off-road and stopped to hike a bit.  The weather was perfect!  The Pine below is very different from the pines in Idaho or the North West.    These are beautiful too..they have character 🙂  The sky is so blue up in the mountains!  Smelling the pine trees felt so good and refreshing.




Here is Kevin…he’s always helping me find the perfect area for a photo opp.  I’ve tried to get him to pick up the camera but he’s happy observing our locations and being patient while I setup shots, so all is good.


Kevin in Big Bear California

Check out the clouds…I knew we were going to have an amazing sunset.

Road Trip Big Bear


Off roading in Big Bear.

And we did…what a sunset!  The clouds were blood-red and so beautiful!  I was setup on a bridge in Big Bear with many other people doing the same thing as me and Kevin…enjoying/photographing this beautiful Sunset!

Sunset in Big Bear, California.

Sunset in Big Bear, California.

A couple more….The lake was blood-red too!  Crazy…I didn’t bump up the saturation much it was really like this.


California Sunset

California Sunset


The sunsets were processed in Photomatix and Lightroom.  I received a discount from Trey Ratcliff ; check out his amazing work and grab that discount for HDR processing.


Janice  Sullivan

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