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Photograph Even When You Don’t Have the Ideal Landscape

Kevin and I went on a fun nature photography trip in the only Aspen Grove in Southern California. There was a fire in 2015 which burned the entire valley.

The state closed this area to the public to let the area grow again.

I wanted to share this adventure with you to inspire you to photograph even when you don’t have an ideal situation.

There is still life after death and it’s your job to document it to share with the world, your clients, and potential clients.

You CAN do this too.

It was fun to photograph the Aspen Grove using my NISI close-up lens on my 70-200mm Canon zoom lens to take macro and landscape photos with one lens.



00:00 | Intro

00:32 | How to get to The Aspen Grove Trail

02:33 | Before and After 2015

03:32 | Our Hike to The Aspen Grove

08:27 | Motion Blur

09:05 | My Camera Setup + Shots


When you feel that your area isn’t a great place to photograph, don’t give up, look around. I bet you’ll find something that will excite you.

It’s a challenge you must take. Why? Because I know you can do it… and when you get home and upload your work into Lightroom (or On1). Smile!

You challenged yourself and THAT’S what matters!



P.S. Want to grab some tips on using a variety of light for Landscapers? Click Here

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