Coaching Program

Our signature program “The Creative Method” is an 8-week game-changing breakthrough process to guide you to fully living your life purpose.

Our clients have successfully created new photography, creative abundance, healthy and loving life, stronger connections, thriving mental and physical wellbeing and so much more all because of The Creative Method!

To book a consult and apply to be a part of The Creative Method, click the link below.


janice sullivan creative mentor

What The Creative Method Includes

📸 Developing Your Creative

📸 Overcoming Limiting Fears, Beliefs and Behaviors

📸 Clarity on Unique Brilliance

📸 Skyrocket Your Photography 

📸 Taking Action To Finally Living Your Life Purpose

📸 A 90 Day Action Plan For You To Jumpstart Your Brilliance

Why Now?


You know what your life will look like in one year from now if you do nothing.

That’s not good enough anymore. You are getting ready to make positive changes.

You know you have gifts and talents and an ability to share photography that is so magnificent, it simply has to come out.


Please know that you must apply.  We must make sure I can help you 🙂

you are meant to create

You Can Do This!