My Next Adventure for Hiking & Camping Photography

If you read my latest blog post you know we have a new GoPro and Phantom 4 Drone Kit! Woot! Before we bought the video goodies to add to my macro and landscape photography we bought a travel trailer! I LOVE to hike and grab sunset shots, but what I hate to do is leave our locations. I live in crazy Southern California so I strive to get out to our deserts and local mountains….now I can stay there and enjoy some night shots. I plan to grab some lights and play, play, play with macro during the night.

It’s fun to black out a room in the house and photograph with various lighting techniques, but now I’m going to play outdoors! 🙂

These are some of my home studio shots…I can’t wait to add night close-ups to my portfolio!

Light painting flowers.

Light painting flowers.

Light Painting a Tulip

Match – it’s own light 🙂


If you’re part of my mentorship in The Arcanum I share the behind the scenes with my apprentices. They have seen our travel trailer and before and after images of the fun. Below is one of the images I shared from Zion during our winter hike and the video of snow in the national park.

Zion in the Snow – 1/750 @ f4.0 ISO 400

It’s so refreshing to get out and photograph. I just can’t get enough road trips in my life, hahaha!

Do you know of any good places I should go? I’d love to read them in the comment section.

Cheers to hiking & camping to photograph!

Janice Sullivan

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