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Today I asked you several questions to dive into your dreams no matter how far out they may seem. Try this technique for 60 days and of course if you need help with your photography dreams coming true check out the links below.


00:00 | Intro

03:10 | Overview & Purpose

07:54 | Habits that don’t serve you

10:08 | Habits that serve you

11:09 | How to achieve your dream

13:00 | Your dreams

17:48 | Freebie

19:49 | Baby steps to your dreams

21:58 | Tip #1

23:01 | Tip #2

23:44 | Tip #3

25:30 | If you need help…

27:27 | How to start selling your photography

30:00 | How to get a perfect photo

31:58 | How to take photos in bad weather

Take the time to answer these questions… do the tasks and you’re dream will come true. This is how I’ve made my dreams come true 🙂



PS. Don’t give up on your dreams! Remember life is short, so let’s get to it 😉

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