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NISI Macro Filter & Macro Focusing Rail

Today come and unbox with me in my UNBOXING 2021: NISI Macro Filter & Macro Focusing Rail where I show you my straight to the point & honest first impressions of the nisi filter kit, how to use nisi filters and how to use a focusing rail for macro, bonus are some of my macro photography tips and tricks for mastering macro photography like macro photography without a macro lens!

Time Stamps:

00:00​ | Intro
00:52​ | Start of Unboxing
02:55​ | Set-up of NISI Filter Kit
04:05​ | Set-up of Macro Focusing Rail
06:00​ | Shooting with the filter and rail

tulip flower for spring

ISO: 200 f-Stop 3.5 @ 1/45 sec

For more unboxing photography equipment, macro photography how to ‘s and sharing with you awesome macro photography equipment such as macro focusing rail, close up filters for canon (my camera of choice), etc… check out some of the links below

To purchase:

NiSI Macro Lens
NiSi Macro Rail

MY BEST AND WORST Macro Photography Equipment Live Video

Getting ready for the Photographing Flowers Indoors Adventurous Workshop…


ISO:160 f22 @ 2 sec


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Janice Sullivan

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