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Oh yeah! I’m way too excited to be a judge for the Close Up Art Photo Contest on Viewbug! There are so many amazing creative people out there and for me to see their work and really focus on what’s being submitted, is a blast! Last week I shared the other contest I’m judging, “Reptiles and Amphibians”  (just had mention just in case you didn’t read the post).

The grand prize winner will receive an instant mobile printer! Perfect timing since the new iPhone 7 just came out. If you don’t print your images, please do.  They don’t have to be big prints, just something to hold and feel will make your work so much more memorable. I have 4″x7″ prints around my home and when I look at them, they make me smile. Each one reminds me of the amazing moment in time and where I took the shot.

Since Ashley has had the boys and she’s making amazing photo albums for us. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and have lots of it, but it just feels amazing flipping through the pages. It’s fun when we have company and our friends & family pick up our albums to enjoy. If you like flowers like I do, try making an album of your faves.  Before you know it you’ll have a book!   Ok, enough about that. Let’s get back to the contest.


Crazy excited to be a judged for this contest!

Please check out the contest here and join in! It will end November 30th so you have time to photograph your close-up art. 😉 I hope to see you there or on my social media accounts. Just look above at the top of the menu to the right and you’ll see were I play. Please stop in and say hi and of course you can comment below.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot…  Here is my latest unboxing.  I just LOVE my new tablet!!  If you’d like to sign up for my channel to get the videos as they are published click here.



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