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Let’s Fix Your Red Images in Camera and Print Them

Fixing reds in the camera and then printing saturated colors like reds and yellows can give you problems when you get up close to your subjects. I did this video for my Macro Photography Live Chat Show and feel that it’s super important so I want to help you if you didn’t have the chance to watch the show. I realize that you may not have time to watch an hour show but hopefully, you’ll have time for a 10-minute video.  🙂


Steps from the video:

2:15 – Color problem example and why

2:07 – Custom White Balance Camera

04:13 – Use the Histogram

06:30 – Ways to Fix the problems

Now if you want to print those colors… go to this video CLICK HERE and click on the 21:00 mark. It’s worth your time so you don’t get the mushy print that could happen because your gamut is out of whack. Below are some links to help you with color.

Color Munki Display

Color Munki for Printing from Studio

If you have a cheaper monitor you may want to use this with ColorMunki or whatever calibrator you’re using:

Color Card

White Balance Card

If you have any questions feel free to ask below. There is always more than one way to work on our images. If you have a suggestion on how you photograph those saturated colors let us know below. As always… feel free to share a link to your work.


Janice Sullivan

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