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Set Up Your Indoor Flower Shoot Tips

Today, I show you how to set up your INDOOR Flower Shoot + TIPS & TRICKS. This is a simple and easy, DIY Indoor Flower Photography Set Up! Pick up a flower and come join us, let’s photograph together!

I’ll show you How to Set Up Your Indoor Flower Shoot + Ideas AT HOME. I’m excited cause this is going to be a super fun video for everyone.

Time Stamps:

0:00 | Not sure how to set-up your flower shoot?

0:39 | Pick Your Flower

2:55 | Variety of Table Tops (black plexiglass, velvet, glass, particleboard)

3:34 | Photoshoot Lighting Ideas and Tips

4:49 | How to Prep your Flowers + Tricks

5:37 | BONUS Tips & Tricks!

6:41 | My Workshop on Photographing Flowers INDOORS

Close up of a monochrome daisy flower.

ISO:100 f-Stop 8 @ 1 sec

Join us on a fun Adventurous day…

We’ll have a blast evaluating your flower(s), shoot it live together, and then do some basic post-processing work, yes together!

If you want to get ready below are links to some of my favorite tools that I love to use while photographing flowers…

Tent |  PlampWhite PlexiBlack PlexiBlack Velvet

White Daisy LD

ISO:100 f8 @ 1/6 sec


You will experience the most productive 3 Hours you’ve EVER spent on your photography.  You’ll achieve more in our 3 Hours together than you have in the last 3 weeks…or you pay nothing!

Want to play with motion blur and flowers?  If, you said yes here is a vid for you… Just CLICK HERE.

Have questions?  Ask below 🙂


Janice Sullivan

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