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Does Your Photo Equipment Need to be Expensive?


Is this you?

You see top notch photographers using amazing equipment and see a WOW factor in their work.  You say to yourself, “If I had their equipment, my work could be just as amazing as theirs”.

It’s easy to get sucked into the “I NEED THAT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT”.  I’ve been there!

I didn’t realize how much equipment I had until Mark from Shotkit contacted me and asked if I’d share my equipment on his website.  I set up most….yes, most of my equipment to take a picture of my goodies for his site and I was like whaaaat! I really have all of this equipment and tools. Damn, I’m a junkie!

You and I are not alone…Mark has a huge following because of the amazing photographers on this site sharing their work and the equipment they use.   We are curious.

My fun equipment but remember you don’t need this to be a professional


With all that said and my confession of my fetish for equipment…I want you to know that you DON’T need expensive equipment to be a professional, but you DO need equipment that works for what you are doing in your photography life…let me share a bit more in my video.



Why would you want to move forward with your equipment?

As you grow in your photography life,  you will get to a point where you want to move forward, BUT remember you can sell your work even if you’re not using the latest and greatest camera, lenses, lights, etc….

When you’re ready to move a step forward,  RENT before you purchase.  I used Borrowed Lenses.  It’s a great company and I highly recommend them.


Are you at a time in your photography path where you want to step up to a higher quality piece of equipment?  I’d love to know what’s the next purchase on your bucket list of tools.



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