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Problems with Your Colors – White Balance your Camera

If you’re a Macro and Close up photographer and love photographing rich colors,  you’ve probably have had some problems getting those dark or bright reds, yellows,  and other beautiful rich colors come out in your camera.

You upload a batch of beautiful work to your computer and wonder what in the world happened to the details of your subject.  I’ve had it happen to me and I know many others have had that problem too.  Actually, I got this question from Michael Pye.  He photographs Orchids and can’t get the dark reds to be accurate in camera.  So let’s talk about this in more detail to help you get the correct color in camera.

Now if you’re out photographing and have forgotten a white card, then go to the K (next to Custom White Balance)  you’ll see it in the video, and change your Kelvin.  Also if you still feel that the colors are just a bit too rich after you custom your camera’s white balance, then take the exposure down one stop and all should be good.

 Have questions?   Ask below…. I’d love to chat with you.

Speaking of chatting…did you know that I have a live show every other week on Youtube and Facebook to talk to you Macro and Close-up Photographers?  I would love to see you there!  Here’s a bit more info for you if you’re interested.

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