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8 Tips On Helping You Focus

One of the members in our mentership group is having problems focusing.  It can be so frustrating thinking you have your focal point nice and sharp, you pull the images on your computer and argggg…out of focus cringing effect in your body! Basically, WTF happened.

So let’s help her and you to make sure you’re not wasting time and to get to the point. Here are some tips to help you when you just can’t get your subject in focus.

1. Most important tip that I see where people have problems: Check your diopter

fix diopter to see clearly in camera

Once you see clear in your camera you’ll see the sharp focus points.

2. Use manual mode when focusing up close.

always use manual mode when photographing up close

Lens autofocus will bounce in and out when you get up close.

3. Use autofocus and then lock your focus if your subject isn’t moving a lot.

auto focus and then lock it for a sharp image

I have changed up my focus lock button to suit my needs.

4. Use back of camera visual zoom in 2times to really get that sharp focus.

use back LCD panel and zoom in to focus

Use something to drape over you outside so you can see the panel.

5. Use f-stops with higher numbers.

use higher fstop numbers to get more in focus

Don’t go too high in the numbers  … f32 has refraction and will give you problems.

6. Low light can be a problem so add extra light to focus and then remove light to shoot.

use extra light to focus then remove to take the shot

This will help you focus on your subject, just remember to remove.

7. If none of these work, then calibrate your camera  (I’ve never done this) 😉 So here is a link to help you with it.

8. Last – if calibration doesn’t work, there may be a flaw in your lens…it happens.

It’s so important to have your main subject in focus if that’s what you’re going for. I hope these 8 tips help!  I actually have one more that I use a lot.  Tether your camera to your computer so you see everything up close and personal 😉


Janice Sullivan

PS If you want to take your work to the next level and you’re a Macro, Nature and/or Landscape photographer then join us here ASAP.  You know were you’ll be in a year… so let’s be adventurous and do this NOW!

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