I was asked to Review CG ProPrints & of course I was happy to…I always like to try anything that pertains to photography and I love to talk shop!

With anything there are pro’s and con’s and so many choices in life, especially with photography!  So  – let’s talk about CG Pro Prints and the company a bit and then get to the pro’s and con’s.  What is CG Pro Prints?

  1. CG ProPrints specialize in canvas prints for professional photographers and artists.
  2. They offer amazing prices for their products.
  3. Company guarantees 100% and will pay for the return shipping.

My experience…

I received a CG sample kit and was definitely impressed with the quality of the canvas in the kit, but knowing they’re not going to send me a bad canvas, I was curious on how one of my own images would look and feel.  So I went online to their website and ordered my favorite anniversary rose (the rose on my website home page).   I did enjoy the ease of the site and I liked that they have an area where you can click on to find out how much your tax and shipping will cost before you actually get to the end.  Once I ordered my canvas, I received an email confirmation ASAP with my receipt.

These are some images from their site and it true….

The backing is solid…loving this!


Finished backs & ready to use! Yep…very nice!

The site states that they print all RGB color spaces but I did notice that my image was dark on the sample in the order area (I do have a calibrated Eizo monitor), but I decided to print anyways to see what was going to happen and I was right – the color information was not my ProPhoto RGB.  With that said,  to be safe use srgb, that is what they recommend and I would go with that.

They do have a limited amount of prints but with the wholesale prices I’m okay with that!  They ship within 3 days and you choose the shipping preference.


Snap shot from CG Pro prices.
CG Pro Prints

Newest addition is the Framed Canvas!

Framed CanvasPrices:

Framed Canvas

It was easy to order my canvas but I do recommend you size your image before you upload…usually I send my original file to my printing company and they prep for me.  But again…the price is amazing and we are all photographers…it’s not hard to re-size your image in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Below are the pros & cons:


  1. Loving the closed back that’s strong and durable.
  2. Amazed with the quality print…thumbs up!
  3. Hardware attached, ready to hang.
  4. PRICE, wow!


  1. Limited sizes.
  2. You must save your image file to the size you want (or close to it) for quality prints.
  3. Color space issues.  (I don’t like jpegs or srgb)


I can say this…Quality with a capital Q!  I have paid hundreds of dollars for my 24 x 36 canvases and I only wish those companies would have put the time & effort into their construction.   I’m amazed on how beautiful my canvas came out..see below.  I LOVE my anniversary rose!


Canvas on my Chair
Getting ready to hang canvas on daughter’s wall!
Canvas perrier
Adding a bit of POP to wall with new Canvas from CG ProPrints.

The company has a limited amount of prints, but I say who cares!!  I will definitely be using them for marketing….I’m so excited that I can now afford a beautiful canvas to give to my clients as a thank you gesture.

Many people just don’t have the money to buy expensive Canvas prints.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get your work out to the public, it’s great to give a canvas to clients for free if they order a certain amount of $ from you.  I bet they will order a canvas from you when they receive your freebee 🙂  With CG Pro Prints guarantee and discount for the professional it doesnt’ hurt to try this company for yourself.



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