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Image of the Month – Rose Lens Painting

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Image of the Month

Our image of the month is “Rose Lens Painting”.  What I absolutely love about this work is that it can never be recreated from the camera, so when you purchase this print, know that there will never be another photograph like this.

I’m happy that I have collaborated with Thirty9 because I work hard on my images.  These aren’t snapshotting shots 😉  To know that they will be on a beautiful piece of mediums excites me.

I talk more about Macro Lens Paintings here if you’re interested.

This swirl of dusky pink hues blurs and unfurls its petal-depths like a ballet dancer twirling across a stage.

macro lens painting pink rose swirl

“Rose Lens Painting”.

Grab a 60×40 and really feel the dance up close and personal HERE.



fushia rose image for sale

Fuschia Rose Flood

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Spring Fuschia Rose to help you smile.

I’ve enjoyed writing about my images of the month because it brings back some awesome memories that I enjoyed, plus I get to share a piece of work that you can purchase and enjoy, too, that has a story.  You can check out this picture and some of my other images that are for sale HERE.

It’s a perfect time to share this beautiful Spring rose.  If you’re reading this in April of 2020 you’ll know that we’re right in the middle of the Corona Virus.

We hear so much sadness now, so I want to give you a bit of beauty.  I hope that you and your family and friends are safe and I wish all of the best for you!

fuschia rose with waterdrops for sale

Spring Refreshed

This Fuschia Rose Flood is the sign of Spring and if you can’t get out to smell the roses, how about a nice big piece of Fuschia Love to add to your space?

I just love to smell roses!  If you see me walking around the neighborhood and I see roses, I’ll go right up to them and smell.  My nose is very happy.

With this beauty, I wanted my eyes to be happy too, so I added water to the rose to add the feeling of being refreshed!

“A wash of pink hues, this over-sized rose rises and settles on a lake of reflected Fuschia water.” Yes, it does and I really do hope it makes you smile and feel refreshed!

Stay safe,


Purchase this image HERE.


lone pine california

Gunga Din Image for Sale – By Janice Sullivan

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The hidden secret of Lone Pine California is about to be revealed. 😉

Well, you may already know about Lone Pine, but I’m going to give you the fun story behind this image.

lone pine california

Purchase on Thirty9

One thing I love to do is research where we plan to photograph.  In California on the 395 hwy is a tiny town called Lone Pine.  They only have 1 traffic light.  As we were coming home from a trip from Lake Tahoe, Kevin and I saw an awesome Western Museum, so we had to stop because …. this was our first time in Lone Pine.

It was amazing!!!! We also were lucky to have the actual curator of the museum give us a tour…What?!  How cool is that?!

We found out that Lone Pine basically is the capital of the Hollywood western movie scene.  But, they also made lots of other movies and commercials in this tiny town.

The classic movie ‘Gunga Din’ was made in Lone Pine. They brought in tons of props and animals for the movie.  You can see all of the information in the Museum and I recommend this book: The Holland House presents “On location in Lone Pine”: A pictorial guide to movies shot in and around California’s Alabama Hills.  It has maps and wonderful images of the movies made there.

I have a treat for you, too.  The video below is the fun adventure we had when I shot this image, “Gunga Din LonePine”.  It’s a beautiful hidden place below Mt. Whitney.

You can purchase this image on Thirty9 for yourself or how about for someone that loves classical movies. You’ll have a beautiful photograph and the story behind the makings of the work.

“A painter like expression in contrast and color. A harsh line of beauty in competition of composition from foreground to background.”

This image is for sale on Thirty9.  Know that when you purchase one of my images here, you’ll have top quality and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with, and you will also be helping our environment because Sullivan J Photography donates some of our profits to the Sierra Club.   Just a fyi, Lone Pine is in the foothills of the Sierra mountain range.

Cheers to beauty and history,

Janice Sullivan

Hawaiian waterdrops for sale

Hawaiian Waterdrop Image for Sale

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Story Behind the Hawaiian Drops

Hawaiian Drops for sale

Drops of life.

We are drawn to water!  Notice it next time you’re around it… pay attention to your senses. Maybe it’s because water is life for us? There are many technical reasons that we could dive into about why we are drawn to water, but I want to add a bit more to this story of my Hawaiian waterdrops.

I had a live workshop for our members on focus stacking and decided to do waterdrops refractions.  I had purchased this paper for another workshop we had and was drawn to it.  Kevin and I met in Hawaii, so it’s a special place in our hearts.  Our son was also born in Honolulu.  Yep, Hawaii is where we started our lives together.

We now have been married for thirty-five years and have five grandchildren.  As I see each waterdrop from this image, I see our future… our family, our lineage.

The water of life is this image and if you purchase this piece, know that it’s now a symbol for you and your life.

“Water drops over a blurred background. A showcase in spontaneous pattern and beautiful Hawaiian colors.”

Life is spontaneous no matter how much you try to control it.  Hawaii started ours together… you may not have a partner but you do have family and friends that are special to you.  I hope this piece helps you to remember everyone that has touched your life.

This image is for sale on Thirty9.  Know that when you purchase one of my images here, you’ll have top quality and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with.  Also, if you purchase this image, reply below or email me at [email protected] and I’ll connect with you, giving you a special gift to life!


Janice Sullivan


yellow orchid for sale on thirty9

Yellow Orchid Flood – Perfect beauty captured forever

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yellow orchid for sale on thirty9Orchids are so beautiful! I have tried so many times to keep my orchids alive and to no avail, they seem to wither and die.  I’ve tried where you put an ice cube in the dirt each week to give them water, I do my best to keep them in a more humid location in my home and nope, after a while, they are gone.

These 3 orchids were given to me and were absolutely beautiful, yes I said were 🙁  I knew I had to capture their life because the inevitable was going to happen. I planned a workshop on painting with light for the members in our membership program, so I decided to use these beautiful flowers as my subject. I put the flowers in the dark so the only light that would be on these flowers would be my flashlight.

I began to paint them with light…I played a couple of times so I could get the exposure to be perfect… I had a lot of fun because it was a challenge!

I really love this composition because, for me, the flowers reminded me of a young family.  Dad and mom together and their child trying to get away to explore life… but there is mom holding back the child a bit, saying come back, you’re not ready to leave… just yet.

sample of janice sullivans orchid of life image for purchase

“Splashes of vivid pink stand out in this watercolor reflection, perfect beauty captured forever.”

“Splashes of vivid pink stand out in this watercolor reflection, perfect beauty captured forever.”  And that’s what I HAD to do because soon they would be gone…

This image is available for purchase HERE.  Know that when you buy one of my pieces, you’ll have purchased top quality from print to package and the work I put into this for you to enjoy.

I would love to see the work in your home, office, etc… please feel free to email or comment below so I can send you a special gift.

To life!


Janice Sullivan


succulent for sale on thirty9

Rippling Pools of Shades of Green – Life and a Succulent

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A rippling pool blends shades of green while plump succulents softly fill the sky.

succulent for sale on thirty9

Succulent Flood for sale on Thirty 9.

Water IS life, if it’s gone, we’re gone.  I think of life and death a lot, maybe because I’m older now? Or maybe because I have young grandchildren and hope they have a wonderful life!  I do think a lot about our planet and how we all live on this rock together.  Some take what they have for granted and some take care of what they have.

With this succulent piece, I thought about adaptation.  A succulent absorbs water knowing that there may not be water again for a while.  They have adapted to the desert and they are beautiful!

Living in Southern California has taught me to respect the water and adapt to our climate just like the succulent.  For you, this may be pools of beautiful greens (which it is), but for me, it’s about living and adapting to life.

Enjoy it as much as you can and help make this world a better place for our young.  This image is for sale on Thirty9.  Know that when you purchase one of my images here you’ll have top quality and a guarantee that you’ll be happy with, also you’ll help our environment because Sullivan J Photography donates some of our profits to the Sierra Club.

If you purchase this image, reply below and I’ll connect with you, giving you a special gift to life!

My Adoration of the Flower for You to Enjoy

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Dancing Daisy Painting

by Janice Sullivan

beautiful flower image on sale on thirty9

Is this a flower or a flamingo? This swirling feathery dance is a blur of movement and passion.

Short Artist Statement

“Macro Lens Painting” is a series of photographs, photographed by Janice Sullivan.  These works stimulate the senses with color and friction. Using her macro lens as her paintbrush, she conveys her adoration of the flower.

I wanted to let you know my statement before I really dive into this particular piece.  I absolutely love flowers and you probably do too?  For some reason, we’re drawn to them.  If you know the reason, let me know in the comments because I haven’t researched this yet 🙂

I had been photographing flowers since I picked up a camera.  Well, I get bored very easily so my mind started going like it always does, hahaha.  I thought, how can I photograph flowers with motion?  I played and played until I found it… the story of my adoration and feeling of flowers.

This is what I did… So I took my macro lens and got close to the flowers and slowed my shutter speed and painted the form of the flower.  I had a lot of misses, but I knew I was on to something.  Finally, I was, YES…this is IT!  I played and played and was happy…but then… I got bored again, so I began to dive even deeper into the actual flower.  How did I feel about a particular flower? This brings me to my “Dancing Daisy Painting”.

When I photographed this beautiful vibrant gerbera daisy upside down, it reminded me of a ballet dancer.   So elegant and graceful. The petals give us the feeling of tulle fabric gently moving with a dance.  Of course, you can feel differently about this work, but that is why I made it.  Are you stimulated, do you feel the elegant friction?  I do 😉

This would be a beautiful piece in one of the elegant spaces in your home or office. Print on acrylic glass for the diamond effect or the modern metal to keep the colors popping and it’s scratch-resistant.

If you purchase this image, let me know and I’ll send you a special gift from me, xoxo.

Cheers to elegance,

Janice Sullivan


joshua tree

Mom and Baby Joshua Trees for Sale

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Kevin and I have been going to Joshua Tree for years! I found out about the park from one of my photography classes in college and a bunch of us had a full day of photographing there. Our professor used to take us so many places to photograph from morning to night, teaching us what to look out for when shooting landscapes.

Since I love to hike with the hubby, camera in hand… I notice this beautiful Joshua Tree (conveniently sharing the name of the park) as we were out photographing sunsets. They only grow in the Mohave Desert (which I found out later). The Joshua Tree had a baby tree next to it. I thought to myself, what a beautiful story! Mommy standing tall, beautiful and tough with its baby below. So I set up my tripod and camera before sunset and just hung out knowing that the clouds were going to pop.

joshua tree, mommy and baby tree

The dark blues and violets of the gold-flecked evening sky set the mood against the spikes and prickles of the desert.

Our professor showed us what to look out for when it comes to colorful sunset shots. As the colors began to appear, I started snapping away, making some bracketed exposures, but what I didn’t know is that all of a sudden the sky began to open like the waters opened for Noah (a story in the bible). The Family of Joshua trees had an opening to God. Being a mother and knowing about the love you have for your children, I was drawn to this beautiful tree of life and then I thought of the afterlife…. hoping that I will always be with family and friends and my children forever…

If this is not to be, at least for now I can enjoy this photograph to remind me to be strong and tall for my family!

You can purchase this image here.  Feel free to contact me and share with me your purchase.  I’ll send you a thank you gift to remind you of this story and why I took the shot. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

anniversary rose for sal

The Story Behind My Anniversary Rose

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My Anniversary Rose

Kevin and I married when we were 20 years old.  We had our son a year and a half later.  Yes, we started life fast.  It was ok because we were very happy!  He couldn’t afford a dozen roses on our anniversary, so what he would do is give me 3 red roses meaning, “I Love You”.  He did this for years.

We wanted our children to be active as well as educated, so yes, they came first. As time went on, he started buying me more roses for our anniversary, but to tell you the truth, I’ve always loved the 3 red roses.

This red rose is part of my flower flood series and yep, it’s part of an anniversary rose too.  Kevin picks out gorgeous flowers, so when I get 3 red roses, they are exquisite.  This is my first photograph of an anniversary rose.  I have many now in my portfolio, but this one is my favorite.  It’s special and it’s for sale on Thirty9You can purchase here 🙂

On the Thirty9 website page where I sell my images for you to enjoy, it says, “Imagine swimming towards a blood-red sky, allowing the languid water to envelop you in its’ scarlet reflection.”

I would like to add to this, “Imagine swimming towards a beautiful red rose… where you can smell, feel and enjoy the anniversary of life and love!”

red rose flood for sale

It is a beautiful print and I know you’ll love it hanging on a special location of your choice.  I personally feel you would love this on glossy acrylic.  You’ll be able to really feel the work hanging on your wall with the water and details of the petals.

If you purchase this piece, please let me know and I’ll send you a special gift with my story of this Anniversary Rose.


Janice Sullivan

Why do you make your work?

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Do you ever ask yourself, “Why do I make my work?”  I do all the time and you should too, so let me share my story to help you understand why you need to know the reason you’re making your images.

With my pink rose flood flower, I tried a variety of ways to make it special just for me, but before I dive into that, let me tell you the back story…

My daughter was having twins for her first pregnancy and we decided to have a tea baby shower. I brought out all of my Grandmother’s China from both sides of the family and bought some beautiful flowers that matched the China pieces. It was a special time for me and my daughter because we had generations with us spiritually.  The women started with the twin’s great, great, great, grandmothers. 

pink rose flower flood

Image used on Platform Overload. Sharing what I like to photograph and why.

This image had to represent the women in my family and in order to do that, I thought to myself HOW can I make a piece of the bouquet below into the up close and personal photograph that you see above?

I had to photograph them fast before they began to die. I did several shots with all of her flowers, thinking of us grandmothers, but the one above is my favorite… the beautiful pink rose for the women in our lives past and present and the soft flowers around it represents family and the water adding life, the new life of my two grandbabies that were about to be born.

So I decided to stack this shot because I was pretty close to the flowers. I started focusing on the closest part to my lens and took several shots to the back in focus and combined them into one file. It was a little too busy, so I brought back in some of the out of focus areas, especially to the back of the composition to make sure the rose could pop in the flowers. There wasn’t much more I needed to do for post-processing. I cleaned the mess, added a bit of vibrancy and sharpening and then added the water with a program called Flood 2. In this program, I made sure the water processed worked with the composition.

Below in the flower arrangement, you can see that I desaturated the pink roses to go with this vase that was also from my grandmother, which was her mother’s (my great grandma), plus I wanted the bouquet to be neutral and fresh.  Ashley, my daughter, was having  2 boys.  I didn’t need blue to represent them…. I just wanted to express the abundance of new life with the old vase.

Bouquet of flowers in an old vase with a black background.

For me, both images are about life and death, but in a beautiful way. When you know why you’re photographing the subject in front of you, the more you will put into that piece of work.  It may mean something else to others, but you know in your heart WHY you made your work. 

The rose flood is for sale at Thirt9.  I hope that it will bring happiness to you wherever you hang this image, like it has for me, and to remember the history of life past, present, and future. If you purchase “Pink Rose Flood”,  feel free to let me know.  I’ll print this up for you to have with your work.


Janice Sullivan

california oak tree

Getting Lost and Making Mistakes Worked Out for Me, This Time!

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Getting lost and making mistakes worked out for me, this time!


The story behind, “California Oak”. You can purchase a high-quality print here and learn the story below.

Every Spring,  Kevin and I head out to my Aunt’s and Uncle’s in Solvang. We have a great time visiting and catching up, and it’s also a time for me and my Aunt to photograph together.

On one of our trips, Kevin and I decided to take our jeep off road for a short trip up the Santa Anez mountains (well it’s really Los Padres National Forest) so I could grab a couple of quick shots for fun. It was the first time that my Aunt or Uncle wasn’t with us. I bet you can guess what happened next…yes, Kevin and I got lost!

We had no idea where we were at! When we got cell reception, I had to call my Uncle to help us get back into the valley. 🙂

The sun was beginning to set and I was getting a bit nervous because some of the roads are pretty crazy up the mountain. But…I say but, because normally I would not do this knowing we needed to get down that mountain.

As I look to the left, I saw this beautiful large California Oak.  I told Kevin we had to stop!  Instantly I fell in love with this tree.  I took a variety of shots with different exposures to get more range from darks to brights (HDR).

As I started shooting away, I didn’t realize that my ISO was way, way too high, which ended up making this image very grainy.

I was so mad when I pulled the photograph up on my computer!  I loved the tree and wanted to save the work, so I started to search around for pictures of trees on the Internet to give me ideas of how I could post-process it because I knew I would have to emphasize the grain to save the shot.

As I was searching, I found some beautiful artwork of Japanese tree paintings.  So I started playing with those types of colors to try and save the story of this grand old oak tree which stood apart from everything else.

I was inspired by this piece, can you tell?   🙂

I’m so happy to say that the influence of Japanese Art and my love for this Oaktree has brought this beautiful picture back to life.

california oak tree

I straightened the tree just a tad 🙂

This piece is part of the first set of images on Thirty9.  You can purchase this print in many mediums.  Check out the details here.  Now you have the story behind the photograph.  Just print this out after you purchase the work and let me know how you like your new piece of artwork hanging on your wall.  🙂

Janice Sullivan

thirty9, sedona, arizona

The Awesome Journey of the Value of my Indian Ruin Image

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Today is the first post of the stories that I will share with you on the photographs that are available for purchase on Thirty9.   I’m honored to share with you the awesome journey of the value of my Indian Ruin. First, you should know that Kevin and I LOVE Sedona, Arizona because it’s a place where we can unwind.  We enjoy hiking and I take many pictures of our journies. As we were hiking we met an 80-year-old man hiking by himself.  He was in shape, but we were worried because he didn’t have a cell phone or water.  It was winter and some of the trails were pretty slippery.  So we stayed with him as we went up the mountain.  At the top we took a break and had a snack, then all three of us headed back down.

He told us that he was so grateful to have us with him that he wanted to share a hidden secret that only locals know about.

So he showed us a hidden trail of an old Native American ruin he had found on a previous trip. It was a crazy hike up the hill and was a tad hairy at times, but it was so worth it. I took some shots but really didn’t like what I got, but the second time we visited Sedona, we were prepared for the hike.

Kevin and I sat there enjoying our accomplishment of finding it a second time. The trail was hard to find.  As we sat there understanding the value of the history of these Indians, I set up my tripod and decided to make an HDR (high dynamic range) panorama.

Below is the pano stitch before I processed it.

indian ruin before

Before: Pano stitch

This is the completed image.  It amazes me that these ruins are thousands of years old and are still around.  It felt good to be one with them so many years in their future.  I am honored to make this piece and thankful for the gentleman that we met for that one day.

He will always be special in our memories, as well as this historical ruin.

Indian Ruin Completed

Each of my images has awesome stories, but I have to say that I’m happy to start off with the story of this image.  I hope that my work resonates with others as much as I feel about seeing the history in these rocks.

To purchase this piece, click here and know that you’ll have a top quality piece of history and the journey with a wonderful man understanding the value of kindness.

Have questions?  Ask below 😉


Janice Sullivan

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