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Adding Lightroom Presets to Your Work

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Add Lightroom Preset to Your Work for Creativity

When you feel a bit stuck on what to do with your images once you’ve loaded them into your computer, do yourself a favor and play with presets.

Grab 8 of my favorite presets and…  Enjoy! 🙂

Presets are ways to change up your work globally (meaning the whole image).  Even if you don’t like the presets, it will show you the different ways that your work can feel and look.  It starts your creative juices flowing.

The Quick Dive video shares how to upload your presets to Lightroom with a couple of examples.  I know it will help you push your work to the next level…so let’s get to it 😉

A lot of people give them for free if you join their email list, so if you haven’t grabbed some of should go for it. You can join our membership group and get my Presets plus waaaaay more goodies to enhance your work. 


Here are a couple of before and afters that I had fun with.

Dehaze That Shadow Preset

Zion without a preset zion with preset

Brighten It Up Preset

no preset used on utah image utah image processed with janice sullivans preset

Don’t forget to Grab 8 of my favorite presets here!


Have questions? Feel free to ask and if you’re up to it, share this with someone you feel it will help…that would be awesome!


Janice Sullivan

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How to Change Large Image Files for the Internet

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How to Change Image Files for the Internet using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and On1 Raw


I’ve had some questions asked about how to get your high-resolution JPEG images ready for the Macro Chat Live Show.  That’s a good question and to tell you the truth I also thought this would help you prep for Social Media sharing.  That can be confusing too.

In this Quick Dive video I share with you easy steps on how to change your large image file into files for the Internet using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and On1 Raw.

I also found a helpful site so you can see what sizes works well with various social platforms.  Check it out at the bottom of this article.

Adobe Lightroom


Click on Export on the bottom left in your Library Module

Click on where you want the file to go too once completed

Change to JPEG and sRGB in the File Settings

Image Size for High Resolution Files uncheck the Resize to Fit and change resolution to 100

Image Size check Resize to Fit and add what you want the file size to be.  Check ‘don’t enlarge’ and change resolution to 100

Click Export

Adobe Photoshop


Click on File on the top left area

Go to Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

Bottom right Image Size leave alone for High Resolution jpegs or change size for social media

Keep Percent to 100 for High Resolution JPEG

Under Preset click on small arrow for drop-down to select jpeg if you don’t see it and quality to 100

Check Convert to sRGB

Bottom left click Preview if you would like to see it on the internet.

Click Save

On1 Photo Raw


Click on Resize on the right

In Document Size change resolution to 100 and don’t change file sizes for high-resolution files

In Document Size keep resolution to 100 and change file sizes for social media and/or your website dimensions

Click bottom right on Export Icon

Set your Location on were you want the file to go after you’re done

In File Type click on small arrow if you don’t see JPEG.  Select JPEG

Bottom right-click on Export

My example image

joshua tree rocks

Joshua Tree Rocks – Light painting during Blue Hour

Story behind this image:

I shot this during the blue hour.  I took a large flashlight to highlight the beautiful rocks in the desert of California.  I love to photograph desert landscapes (if you couldn’t tell 🙂 ).  We had a great time camping!  Kevin helped a Swedish couple with their RV and they gave us a bottle of champagne.  I love Swedes 🙂 What an evening….I had champagne, enjoyed a nice camp fire and I shot this image playing with light painting.  Yes, I was one happy lady.

I want you to know that when I share on social media I don’t change all the sizes that the link below gives us.  That would take forever…I see what’s the minimum and go from there.

Click here to help you see the various sizes for Social Platforms. It really is a great reference.

Feel free to ask questions below or just say Hi…I read every comment.


Janice Sullivan

Change a Drab Landscape into a Beautiful Landscape

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Take your Drab Landscape photograph and change it into a Beautiful Landscape

Have you been with family and friends in some great places and just don’t have the time to set up your tripod and camera? Or you’re learning how to bracket exposures but don’t have the time to really understand how it works?

As a photographer or photographer novice. It’s frustrating! I know this has happened to most of us…so when Julie Miller asked me how do I take a drab looking photograph and make it pop I knew this would be great for a mini dive! BTW, check out her beautiful jewelry hereShe is one of our members…crazy happy to have her with us!


So here is what I do and I hope it helps you-

My favorite way to fix these shots is in Adobe Photoshop but if I just want to add a bit of fun I’ll Split Tone in Lightroom


Develop Module > Increase the Shadows > Decrease the Highlights > Play with Contrast and Clarity

> Split Tone play with highlights and shadow squint my eyes just a bit I move the slider Saturation to %50…move to see what I like. Do the same thing to the Shadow area.  I next play the amount of saturation in both highlight and shadow and if I need to, I’ll adjust the Balance to more of the Shadow or more of the Highlight color.

Last part I usually add a bit of vignette.

Now to my favorite…

In Photoshop – this has more steps but is my go to workflow.

fix your landscape pictures

Before and After taking a drab landscape to a pop landscape.

Copy your layer > Bottom Layer is highlighted > Command J

Image > Mode > LAB Color > Don’t Flatten

Image > Adjustments > Curves

In the Channel area click on the drop-down to “a”

Drag the Dark and Light tabs to the next Vertical line see below.

lab adjustments

In LAB adjust your channels.


Now click on the same drop-down and choose “b” and do the same steps as you did for the “a” channel.

Click OK

Go back to Image > Mode to change back to RGB

If the color seems too much change the Opacity a bit. I notice that sometimes the reds maybe too much so I will isolate in:

Filter > Camera Raw Filter> HSL/Grayscale to reduce the saturation in the reds/oranges if needed.

If your sky needs more pop, in your Camera Raw Filter area:

Graduated Filter > drag down the filter line > Dehaze

Take a couple of these quick steps and put a huge smile on your face seeing the fun times you had while photographing landscapes that just didn’t work for you at the time.



Rock’in Social Media – 10 Fast Steps using Lightroom’s email.

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Rock’in Social Media with Adobe Lightroom’s Email!

We just started to get into Instagram, so I was looking for a variety of ways to figure out how to share my images to Ashley’s phone that I have processed from my camera.  When right in front of me (because I’m on Lightroom all the time), Lightroom was saying, “Hey, I’m here  – use me!”

I did a deep dive on how important it is to really focus on at least one Social Media site to help you connect with others to build relationships.  If you’re using Adobe Lightroom, you really need to dive into the email part of this software.

It’s so easy and fast that how can you not use it?  Many of us use our phones to work nowadays and Lightroom knows it.  Send your images from one email to another, grab it from your phone and bam…Instagram here you come.

Let’s share the fun and how easy it is to set it up.

Ok…if you just don’t have time for the video, here are the steps.  Make it easy so you use it.

  1.  Set up a Gmail account.  It’s the easiest to work with.
  2.  Pick an image & take it to your development module, right-click on it.
  3.  Click on ’email photo’
  4.  Click on the small drop-down arrow in the ‘from’ area of the pane.
  5.  Click on ‘go to email account manager’
  6.  Click ‘Add’ your email info and verify
  7.  At the bottom pane, you’ll see (Preset)- click it to ‘create a new preset’ when done click export.  In the video, I share my Instagram settings.
  8.  In the ‘To’ location add the email address that you use on your phone.  Add additional info if needed.
  9.  Press send…whooo hooo, you’re almost done.
  10.  Check your email on your phone and ‘Reply’ to email to access the image.  The image will be at the bottom, tap on that to access.

Now you’re ready to download the image to your phone and/or send to your favorite social site.

lightroom email, social media

Image from my iPhone.


Always remember to tell your story…a thousand words DO make a difference! So send your images to your phone and share them on your favorite social site!


Do you use Lightroom?


If so, are you using the full potential of the program?  I’d love for you to share your feedback with us!

Oh yeah!  Our membership is almost done and ready to go up for presales!  So crazy excited to share it with you, but for now join our Membership Updates and receive FREE treats and discounts!

Hope to see you there!  🙂


Janice Sullivan

Lightroom Plugins and other Goodies

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This is my latest video on how to install and remove plugins in Adobe Lightroom.  I also talk about a couple of other goodies too 🙂

This week went by fast!  I’m working on a couple of projects and will share them with you later.  My husband is from Boston so we are glued to the World Series games 🙂 To support the Red Sox and my red nails (for Halloween) I’ll share a couple of my red photographs with you all.

Soap bubbles

 (janice sullivan)





closeup of a water drop on a petal (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Another water drop

 (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Anniversary Rose

Red rose with a soft feel to it.  Processed in photoshop with 4 photographs.  An elegant and romantic macro image. (Janice Sullivan, SJP)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Janice Sullivan
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