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Check Out This Amazing Client Gift Photographers

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Amazing Gifts for Clients



I received an email asking me if I would be interested in trying USB Memory Direct Flash Drives. I thought about it and said yes because I had an idea for you… So I did a quick unboxing video for you.

If you’ve seen my unboxings you know I tell the truth on how I feel about the product.  You can check out my unboxings HERE if you’re interested in seeing them.

What’s good about giving USB’s with your logo and a fun goodie inside the flash drive for your clients is that it shows you care about them.  You’ll put a smile on their face and that’s what makes you different from purchasing a print from a company like Ikea or from a huge internet company that sells tons of various prints that they have licensed from other photographers!

It’s important for you to build a relationship with those who love your work and if you add a logo on your jump (flash) drive for them, they WILL remember you every time they use it.  What’s even better about this company is that they can make a special drive just for you!  Very cool!

I really did love the feel of this in my hands and I believe your client will too.

You can see from the video above that this drive is engraved… I like that 🙂  You may like something different so go for it and check out their drives HERE.

Have questions?  Ask below… I’m here for you 🙂



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Founding Thirty9 Artist Tips for You

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It’s exciting to announce that I am a Founding Thirty9 Artist! It’s been so hard to keep this a secret! I’ve been working with Thirty9, which is part of the Miller Professional Printing Company, since November.  The site went up this March 🙂

As most of you know, I teach now, so I’m not marketing my photography work as much as my membership, but when I got an email from Jonna asking if I would be interested, I was happy! … but then had the thought “How much do they pay”?  I’m a businesswoman and know throughout the years how companies rip us photographers off.  Yes, I realize they have marketing costs, etc…but 10 to 15%, come on!

When Jonna told me that they pay their photographers 50% and plan to have a gateway where we can connect to the buyers, I was all over it!  There are 2 ways to build on what you love to do. Thank the people who purchase your work and give them some love with a bonus or discount.

Thirty9 is a wonderful company that respects the photographer and our craft. I know they are looking for more photographers, so if you feel that your work is the right fit for the company, go for it.  Apply here.  If you’re not accepted, it’s ok… you can join my membership program and I’ll work with you to help improve your skills with our Photography Road Map.  To read more about the membership click here. 

Here are some of my favs that are for sale on Thirty9.

pink rose, delicate flowers, water, rose,

Pink rose flood. This is special because they are flowers from my daughter’s baby shower.

motion blur, daisy, macro

Daisy Macro Lens Paintings can never be recreated. It’s a one time shot.

joshua tree, sunset, desert

Joshua Tree Sunset – We saw the sun’s color and stopped so I could shoot the tree.  I only had a matter of minutes to grab this shot.

indian ruin, sedona, arizona

Indian Ruin Pano. Kevin and I hiked up this huge ridge to get this shot.  We only knew about this place because of a local.

anniversary rose, red rose, rose, water,

My special anniversary Rose Flood.

Remember that you work hard on your photography, so make sure the companies you collaborate with respect you.  Have questions?  Ask below.


Janice Sullivan

20 Hottest Social Marketing Help

5 Reasons to Use More Social Media Tools by Guest Author David Coen

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social marketing tools
5 Reasons to Use More Social Media Tools

The digital world is growing more powerful every day. Just 3 years ago, revenue in the digital advertising world surpassed television revenue for the first time. Now, most experts agree that digital campaigns will continue to develop as the primary way for brands to communicate with their customers and prospects. Among all the digital channels, social media platforms continue to hit new records for engagement and revenue generation.

Billions of people log onto social media channels every day, and companies have begun to realize that these community-driven applications could be the key to loyal customers and bigger profits. The trouble is, though organizations everywhere are beginning to embrace social media, many still don’t know how to use it to their advantage. While 97% of companies are using social media, 85% say they don’t know which tools to use to improve their campaigns.

Why Do We Need Social Tools?

You may be wondering why marketers need social media tools in the first place. There are still some companies out there that assume all they need to do to make a profit online is sign up for a profile and hope for the best. However, the truth is that a great social media strategy leads to better results. With the right tools, you can:

1.     Keep up with social engagement

According to “Zendesk”, a customer service software company, 40% of customers are already using social media for customer service. With the right tool, you can respond to messages faster and show your clients that you value them.

2.     Manage Cross-Channel Campaigns

Social media tools can make multi-channel marketing easier by aggregating the messages sent to all your profiles and networks in a single spot. This saves you the stress of juggling multiple accounts.

3.     Protect Brand Reputation

Make sure that only the right people have access to your social media accounts and prevent reputation problems with a tool that allows for accountability. Your social media marketing tools can ensure that every message you post is approved before it goes out into the digital space.

4.     Monitor Brand Conversations

Social listening tools can help you to find out when people are talking about your brand – either in a positive or negative way. This means that you’re more likely to avoid problems caused by the ever-churning social rumor mill.

5.     Analyze Social Performance

Sometimes, when you need to plan for the future, the best thing you can do is look back. Social tools provide you with data that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy moving forward, so you get the most out of your budget.

Choosing the Right Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are a lot more valuable than most companies know. They can help you to do everything from managing your omnichannel campaigns, to connecting with your customers. The more effective your social campaigns become, the more you connect with your customers, generating both loyalty and profits.

The question is, with so many different social media marketing tools on the market, how do you find the ones that are most valuable to you? This infographic on the hottest social tools for 2018 could be a great place to start your search.

Guest Author
david guest author sjp
“David is a content writer at Design Wizard, a simple-to-use graphic design tool that allows you to personalize an image in seconds. It features excellent integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Intercom and Buffer, and is perhaps best known for its magic resize button which allows you to change the size of a template quickly. You can tweet David with any questions at @getdesignwizard”
sullivan J photography portfolio page

Store, Show, Sell and Deliver Your Work Easily

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Today’s challenge is to research your place to Store, Show, Deliver and Sell your Photography work.

You work hard on photographing and post-processing your work!  So, what’s the best place for you to add your image to?  A site? Smugmug? Square Space? etc…  There are so many to choose from! It’s like going to the market to grab spaghetti sauce.  Unless you know how to make it from scratch …what brand is the best?

sullivan J photography

Website for Sullivan J

I want to share with you today what I use and why I use them.  If you paid attention to my title, yep, I use Photoshelter and I’ve been with them since 2008!

Now, I’ve had my moments to leave them when I see a cool new company pop up.  I almost left them for one company (I won’t say who), but I can say I’m so happy I didn’t.

Let’s get down to business because that is what we are really talking about.

We, as photographers, need a place where we can Store our images, PDS, TIFFs, JPEGS, RAW and yes PDFs.

We need a place to SHOW our work.  You can choose from a variety of website templates.  I will say that I would love for Photoshelter to step that up a bit.

I have sent requests to Photoshelter for those of us who sell work for walls.  I love Swift Galleries and hope that Photoshelter goes down this road, but for now, it’s a great place to get your work to clients without Dropbox and it’s easy to set up personal galleries just for them.

You can easily set up prices to sell on your site or to give your clients and potential clients guidelines on your pricing!  They work with Fotoquote to help you with pricing.  That’s a huge perk!

So, truthfully it’s a no-brainer for me and I wouldn’t suggest Photoshelter if I didn’t like them.  You’ll have a place to store a variety of large files no matter what type they are.  You’ll be able to show your work on a beautiful drag and drop template.  You can deliver your images to clients without Dropbox once you’ve completed a contract for clients to license 😉 .

Yes, Photoshelter is a great place to Store, Show, Deliver and Sell Your Work.  If you would like to join me on Photoshelter, you can by clicking here.  You’ll get a discount too!

Join me on PhotoShelter

Join me on Photoshelter.

Feel free to let me know what you’ve found during your challenge.  Maybe there is a website platform I haven’t heard of yet?  This is one of the most important challenges I’ve given you.  Your presentation will help your business move forward.


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Learning Photography – A Never Ending Story.

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Learn Photography – Your Never Ending Story.

“As I was walking with the Hubby, I noticed tons of Magnolia seeds all over.  I knew this would be fun photographing close-up, so I connected my 100 mm Macro lens on my camera, set up the tripod, and shot away.”

I wrote this on my blog years ago….

There are a lot of photographers that don’t like to mess with a blog or have an email list.  If that’s you, you are missing out! Blogs are beautiful journals to timestamp your photography journey because one of the best things about photography is that it’s a never-ending story.  

Listen, I know you, it’s SO much fun to photograph and post-process your work. So who has time to write about it?  You do!  You don’t need to write much, just give your readers the jist of it and remember it’s your story that you’ll share with others.

It’s time to think about your work and share it with the world.  I’ve written about not being a snapshooter, but when you’re first starting off photographing, go for it! Snap away.

After you’re comfortable and you have the desire to move forward, here is a blog post I wrote that will help you move forward with your Macro Photography and here is a quick tip for Landscape photographers who would like to take your work forward.

When you first start a blog, don’t stress about it.  Just share your work and the stories that go with them.  Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, then it will be time to move forward. I once had a guest post write an article on how to start a blog…. when you’re serious and want to dive in, read his article here.

Yes, our membership program not only focuses on continued learning, but we also work on the business side and how to talk to your readers is one of our monthly challenges.  So follow the road of learning… it’s a never-ending adventure.


Janice Sullivan


I’m an On1 girl so I have to share their sale.  Check it out…seriously worth the money!



Fyi…below is a comment made by Frank several years ago.  His work is beautiful and we now have become cyber friends.  You can find him here. 

Frank:  What an awesome shot. I generally prefer warm tones, but I love your cool interpretation here. Definitely makes me think of winter, too. And cold! I don’t know much about magnolia seeds, except that they are small, so I really have no idea what all I’m looking at in the frame, but I do know that I like it. Kudos for a lovely shot.

red rose anniversary

7 Tips for Starting Your Own Photography Blog by George Minton

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Being a photographer comes with a need to showcase your talent. You want to share your gift for the world to see. One of the ways photographers do that is by use of social media. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for your network to see your art.

However, if you want to reach a wider audience, you have to go beyond social media. Starting a blog is the best way to go. Why? It enables you to establish yourself as a proficient photographer. In addition, it enables you to network with other people of common interest online. The result is that through sharing, you learn from other photographers within and without your niche.

So you have probably come this far- deciding that you finally want to start a photo blog. Where do you start? Below are seven tips to help you get started on your photography blog.

How to Start Your Own Photography Blog

  1. Define your why

Most photographers make the mistake of starting a blog without defining reason behind it. Few months down the line, one loses focus. Know your interest. Why do you want to start the blog?

Is it to generate sales? To give yourself a name? perhaps for community work or to inspire people? Defining your why will help you decide on content, as well as strategy to accomplish your main goal. This also helps you to keep track of your blog and regularly review to see if your why is being accomplished.

  1. Choose Your Niche


Now that you are past the first stage, chose your niche. Photography has many branches. To be successful in your blog, narrow down to a specific niche in order to attract a wider audience. Focus on a niche, say wildlife or sports or nature-whichever you chose, narrow it down.

However, choosing a niche requires critical thinking.

Does this niche excite you? Do you have sufficient knowledge and skills in the niche? Truth is, you cannot expect people to treat you as an authority in the niche if you have no knowledge in it in the first place. Choose your area of expertise. If you can find what makes you special over your competitors, then choose it.

  1. Work Your Site

You have made it this far. It is now time to work on your blog site. and are recommended sites. is totally free, while is a paid site. The rule of thumb when choosing a site is-if you can afford it, then pay it, to give you more freedom over your content.

Choose a hosting company, such as Bluehost that works for you. Bluehost is better as it comes with a free domain name. When choosing a domain name, choose one that is catchy and reflects on your niche.

  1. Be Smart With Uploading Pictures

Setting up your blog is the beginning of your success. Uploading your photos is the next big step. However, what distinguishes an expert from an armature is in the how.

Refrain from uploading your originals to your blog. This will save you from losing them in case of internet malfunction. Always use a saved copy.

In addition, save the original file before editing. Uploading pictures in JPEG format is best for reviewing photos in the web.

  1. Promote Your Art

No one is going to visit your blog unless they know it exists. Increase your visibility through commenting on other photo blogs like your own. Keep the comments light, relevant. Getting noticed starts small then big. In addition, you can try and get listed in directories such as to enhance visibility.

You can even create social media pages where you can post updates whenever you add new content to your blog.

  1. The Rule of Consistency.

It is advisable that you post 5-10 photos on your first blog post. After that, post regularly. Keep updating your blog frequently. Whereas consistency depends on time, posting once per year for example, will make your blog vague.

The main reason you want to post frequently is to enable your audience to keep up with you. No one wants to see photos, love them then have to wait for a year for the next post. They lose touch. If you want to maintain and grow your audience, consistency is the rule.

  1. Audience engagement

Interacting with your audience creates loyalty. Give basic contact information on your blog to enable audience to reach to you. You can even offer a commentary sector. Adding sign up for email subscription is even better.

Why? Whenever you update your blog, your audience will be notified. Engaging with audience will help you grow as you get positive criticism. It will also help you build loyalty to them and vice versa.

This simple tips will propel you to starting your blog, as well as maintain it.



George Minton

Guest Author for SJP

Hi, I'm George. I have been a camera enthusiast from 2008. Cameraseals is my personal blog where I share most of my interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics even if you're a beginner or long-time user.

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5 Tips to Get Your Photo Business in Check

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I’m excited for 2018! It’s time to refresh our website and take a look at what we want for you as you read our deep dive articles or when you check out the latest Macro Chat Live show.

For me, my favorite part of this site is to help you learn and push your photography creations.  So when you ask me questions and I can help that’s the icing on the cake or the cake in the icing ( i prefer the cake over icing 😉


With all that said I wanted to share with you 5 Tips to Get Your Photo Business in Check!

Ashley and I are working on our yearly calendar now.  The challenge for you is to really take time and ask yourself:  ‘What would I really want to learn this year?’  Where do you want your photographs to be in within the year…a magazine? on a someone’s wall? on a piece of product?

Start writing your goals (take your favorite pen and paper) and once completed put the paper near you so you don’t lose your train of thought.  Don’t slip away from your goals…work hard to focus on them.


This month we are working in more detail on answering these questions in our membership site.  It’s an exciting time to plan.  As always, if you have any questions please ask below.

If you would like challenges to help with creative blocks, then sign up for our emails and of course, I’ll make videos or write the answers here.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2018! May all your work be hung with delight.


I know that the 5 Tips to Get Your Photo Business in Check will help you focus.  It helps me and Ashley every year to plan a successful business.


Janice Sullivan

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6 Vlog Ideas It’s good for Business

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6 Vlog Ideas, Yes It’s good for Business

What is a Vlog? From the dictionary:


So…you may ask, is it good for business?  If you want to sell your work or make photography a business, it’s time to share a bit about you.  Clients want to know YOU.  Now, you don’t need to show yourself if you don’t want to be in front of the camera at first. 😉  So let’s get you started…

6 Ideas to get you rolling on Vlogging:

See something really cool to photograph? Whip out that phone and video yourself talking about why you think it’s cool.

Getting ready to work with a client?  Share a bit of what you do.

Vacation videos are perfect.  You’re in a great mood to enjoy life.  A perfect way to get to know you and what you love.

Share your studio or share your road trip while you’re on the way to a photoshoot. They can see your prep and I’m sure you’ll be excited to talk about what you plan to work on.

Having a show or putting up your images in your local coffee shop?  It’s fun to see your work on display and to share it with us in a short Vlog would be so much fun to watch.

Add bonuses to some of your Vlogs.  Your bonus is a beautiful photograph that you’ve been working on. If you add these to the end and keep them up, your viewers will be excited to see your work.

Here are a couple of Vlogs I’ve done in the past to give you ideas.  Below that, I’ll share some Vloggers that I like to inspire you

But those of you who like my Vlogs know that we will rock together while I push you to get up close and personal with your camera.

My favorite image of the day!  😉

 Have a Vlog already?  I’d love to check it out.


Great tips:


Feel free to share your link below.



How to Use Social Media for Photographers

How to Use Social Media for Photographers

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How to Use Social Media for Photographers

One of my photographer friends was a bit frustrated with Facebook and how fine art photographers just don’t get the likes and shares as much as a person who photographs people and sunsets.   It’s true, I know it can be frustrating.  You work so hard on an image and you just don’t feel it’s given the justice it deserves.

I want to talk to you today about where you should hang out on Social Media and how to use it as a photographer.

Two Reasons you SHOULD use Social Media


To get the most out of social media as a photographer, you should use it for two reasons:

1. To connect with other artists to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.

2.  To connect with potential buyers and market your work.

Did you notice I said, “To connect” in both reasons?    It IS a social platform.  It’s important for you to connect with the people who you enjoy and because time is so precious, focus on one place and dominate it.

Yes, you’ll see the big photographers on many other social places at one time, but most of them have help publishing their work out to these sites.   Social Media can be a rabbit hole and the deeper you get into it the more you’ll be lost in that hole.  So stay focused and go for it all the way.

Some help to get you started. 

For business, do a search on Google to give you ideas on where your clients may be.  Here are some to look for:

Interior Designers

Art Buyers/Directors

Photo Agents

Magazine Photography Editors

Gallery Curators

If you would like to search more for people who need your work, check out  They have a job tab and you can search to see who is looking for your work. It will help you see who would like to connect with you socially.

Of course, if any of you have more suggestions let us know in the comment section.


Where to hang out?

You’re saying ok…now that I’ve done my research where should I hang out?  Great question!  From all of the years I’ve been out there here is what I’ve seen…

These social media sites cater to certain media, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good for you.  The key is to really use one and use it full force.

Yes, LinkedIn was good for me, but it may not be for you.  If you join LinkedIn, join groups and be active.

Facebook –  What’s popular are people shots and beautiful landscapes.  You can get to your target market for business, but sorry to say you will need to pay to connect with them.

Google+ – Landscapes are huge on Google+, but there are a variety of groups to connect with for inspiration.  Unless you’re selling to photographers, it’s difficult to use this social site for business.  But with that said, being active here is one of the best ways to be found in a Google search…. just make sure you use important hashtags.

Twitter –  It’s a fast social site and you really have to stay on it, but you can connect with photographers and your buyers. Use your images on tweets and push everyone to your website if you’re in it for business.

Instagram – A great place to find inspiration.  Hashtags are important!  Check out this site for your profile link:  It’s perfect for the business side of your Instagram.

Pinterest – Another great place for inspiration.  If you use for business, you’ll need to post a lot to be seen.

500px – This is a ranking site and there are many out there. If you don’t connect here you won’t go anywhere.  Landscapes are huge on 500.  I wouldn’t use this for business because I’m not a huge landscape photographer and if you send your clients there they will see the top images…your competition.  No way in hell would I ever point to a site like this for potential clients, just saying.

ello – Inspiration Social Site for Artist

Deep Dive Question

Your question for the day…. What social media platform are you using and is it working for you?  If it’s not working…let us know where you are and what you shoot so we can help you focus.

If you take time to really connect with people for inspiration and/or business, just remember it will pay off when you focus on one site and dominate it!

Sign up for my email to get your challenges every other week.  I bet you can guess what this week’s challenge will be.  😉  I also add a bit more goodies for our readers…hope to see you there.

My tweet for the day 🙂

Tweet: How you succeed in being noticed is to be social on social media.


Janice Sullivan

Sunday Society – Business Excitement

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One of the reasons I have a blog is so I can chat with you all. It’s my place to share what I’ve been up too and to hopefully inspire you to be creative. I feel mentorship is HUGE in your creative life. It’s important to me to share my ideas through my photographs, but I also need to pay the bills. So business is also a big part of my life. My business plan was changing and I felt lost, so I decided to search around the web to see what I could find to learn new marketing plans.

I found a Creative Live class called, “Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep”.  This is where I met April Bowels-Olin.  Loving her style and her knowledge, I purchased her class and I was so inspired by April that I began to follow her blog and signed up for her newsletter. I’m sure you’ve been there when you find someone who uplifts you.

I knew my business plan needed help so when I saw she had a membership/mentorship program called Sunday Society I jumped on it!  It has been an amazing ride being able to work with her, but also meet some other amazing women!


During our first live call she had a dance party in the beginning, I thought it was so cool! I met my hubby dancing and I LOVE to dance! I relate to her on many levels. I have just met her buddy Mayi Carles because I joined Operation World Domination with B-School and she adds icing to the cake!

So why am I telling you all of this?  Because mentorship is AMAZING! I mentor photographers and know how important it is for me to push my apprentices. It’s not a place where we just praise everything and it’s not a place to bash work. It’s a place to be inspired and to step out of your comfort zone. That’s how you move forward.

I am stepping out of the box and have a plan for the future of my mentorship.  Macro and landscape photography is my passion and working with other photographers is my calling. And yes, I have mentors to help me.

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100


If you would like to work with me please click here to see if we would be a good fit. If not, look for someone you can work with. Just throwing your images out on social media will not push your creativity.


Janice's Mentorship Group

Janice’s Mentorship Group


As always I have a question for you…is there a mentor or a place where you’re inspired? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.


Cheers to mentors!  All of them who truly care about you!

Janice Sullivan


Top 10 of What I Loved in 2016

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The last week of December is a great time for me to reflect on 2016. Every year there are ups and downs in life and because I want to be positive in my life, I want to share my top 10 of what I loved most in 2016!

These are not in any particular order….

1. Sunday Society – This group is mentored by April Bowels-Olin. It’s an amazing place for female entrepreneurs to interact with each other. I plan to write about this in more detail later, but for now you can read the awesomeness here.


2. The Arcanum – I have had an amazing time with my apprentices! Some have graduated and now are part of our Alumni group. I absolutely love working with creatives who want to push their work further. You can join me here if you’re interested.


3. My twin grandsons being born – Ashley had Luke and Liam on February 4th. Our blessings for the year!

Luke & Liam


4. New YouTub videos – I’ve stepped out of the box and now make videos once a week on YouTube. I’m actually in front of the camera. 😉 I love to talk shop, so for me this is a great place to share what I love…macro is the main focus, but I’ll talk about anything I think is fun!


5. Our first calendar – It was so exciting to make our first calendar. Ashley did an amazing job designing it. I LOVE it! It’s on Sale until Monday, January 2nd 12a pacific, so hurry we have a few left. Check it out here.



6. Viewbug Judge – I get inspired to see work from others and was honored to judge two contests on Viewbug. Check out macro fine art winners here and the reptiles/amphibians winners here.


7. Meeting photographer lovers – I had a great time going to our local High School to talk about photography. It was so much fun meeting so many young future photographers.



8. Business becoming an LLC – Moving forward in our business is important. I live and breathe Sullivan J Photography. It’s nice to now have the business as an LLC!


9. Offering one hour critiques – I just started to offer one hour critiques for those of you who don’t have the time for The Arcanum. Another thing I LOVE is to chat with other photographers and help them with a professional critique.


10. Road trips: Kevin and I love to road trip! I love to hike and road trip to deserts throughout Southern California. This year we had a blast driving from my Southern California home to Lake Tahoe! First time in Lake Tahoe…wow I have to go back!


Mono Lake – On the way back from Tahoe


We will start our 2017 with a road trip to Utah! I’m so excited to photograph Utah. It’s been on my bucket lists for years. I’d like to know your loves of 2016! Hope you all have a Happy New Year and I wish you all the best for your 2017 during your ups and downs in the year to come.


Cheers! From my glass to yours!

Janice Sullivan

Platform overwhelm…do you have it too?

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Platform Overwhelm…Do You Have it Too?

Are you like I am and want to chat with everyone everywhere? The problem for me is that I have built a community and I feel that if I leave my various platforms, then I’m leaving my friends. I left Flickr and noticed that I only communicate with a small portion of that community on other platforms and it makes me sad. But I felt exhausted and I had a feeling I was Platformed Overwhelmed.

I decided to email Ashley a journal for the past couple of weeks of what I do on a daily basis. I tried to write a journal to myself but I always seemed do bail on it, but sending it to Ashley made me feel obligated, so I actually did it. I found that a lot of my time was spent on email and various social media platforms.  That would be ok if my business was social media, but it’s not. Here’s what I do-

I do my best to have a new blog post every week to inspire you to go out and use your camera.

-I put up videos every week to share the fun tools you can use during and after photographing.

I have projects every week and deadlines for my clients and I work with my students and educate myself every week.

I cut out time for Kevin, family and friends on the weekend, but still check my emails to see if I need to take care of something that may be an emergency.

Does this sound like you? I bet it does, maybe adding different words here and there, but I bet you’re just as busy as I am. I here it all the time….I’m swamped so I just don’t have time to photograph or finish the project I’m working on.”

If you have felt this way then I suggest you keep a journal like I did to see what you’re really doing with your time. If you’re like I am, your life is full and I think this is why many of my photographs are relaxing. They give me peace as I photograph and post process them. For example, the image below is flowers, which I love to photograph.


Image used on Platform Overload. Sharing what I like to photograph and why.

Pink Rose Flood – A variety of in focus shots merged together for more depth-of-field.

This was shot with several in focus images put together so I could have more in focus than what the camera and lens would give me. I processed it with a variety of software; Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and Nik. I next added a plug-in called Flood to top it off. 

Yes, I’m in the process of debating on what platforms I’m going to keep and the others will have to sit on the sidelines for a while. I’ll keep you posted here, but for now thanks to all of you who take the time to read this.  I know you’re busy and I appreciate you!

So just to recap- keep a journal to see where your time is going…is it the “platform overwhelm that’s taking too much of your time?  I was shocked that this was my time problem, you may be too.

Also, if you have any time management ideas that work for you, I’d love to hear them. I can use them for sure!

Cheers to time management,

Janice Sullivan

Almost forgot…here is my latest unboxing.  🙂



Ashley and Business

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Hi All,

Almost all of you have no idea who I am. I am Ashley Sullivan and I run the business side of Sullivan J Photography. I usually don’t write blogs, but Janice has asked me to be a bit more involved with you all and share my experiences with the other side of running a photography business. Now, if you’ve read the “about us” page on SJP then you know we are a mother daughter duo where Janice is the “beauty” and I am the “brains”. I don’t want to bore you with repeating my biography that you could simply read about on SJP, so I will just add a little tidbit that I absolutely love sharing with people. About six months ago I was blessed with two beautiful bouncing baby boys named Luke and Liam and I will be the first to tell you that running a business and raising two little ones is no easy task. Thankfully I have an amazing mother and great support system because boy, two kids at the exact same age, always wanting the exact same thing, sure feels like a dozen babies screaming for mommy.

Ok, going away from mommy duties now. One thing I have learned about the photography business is that there is always someone out there who can do anything you can/are doing, better. Always make sure you are on top of your game and checking out your competition. It’s great to learn what other photographers are doing so you can find your niche, build your own business and find what works best for you. Not every company is runthe same way and everyone has their own way of doing things, so learning and developing yourself and your craft is the only way for you to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry.

I am going to try and write more often, but if any of you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]


Also, just because I am in the sharing mood 🙂 Here is the latest flower photograph from Janice! Check it out- its a beauty 🙂

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Happy photographing!


Thank you LinkedIn Friends

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I was so overwhelm when I received tons of messages from my LinkedIn Friends on my work anniversary.   I had so many that I wanted to thank them here too!

Thank you LinkedIn friends! You all are amazing!

I have met so many awesome people there and if you haven’t jumped into the LinkedIn groups, go for it.  It’s a nice way to connect with people and also connect with potential clients.  Join the groups that interest you.  It doesn’t need to be just photography groups.   Join and participate.

If you would like to connect with me there you can click on my social links to the side of this blog or click here.



Quick update:

I’m planing to write short newsletters again.  I would like to share fun art and photography goodies that I’ve found that may interest you.  I feel that the news information will be less about Sullivan J Photography and more about what I find that will help your business and creativity.  I want the newsletter to be short and sweet so we’ll see how it goes and of course always feel free to let me know what you think or want.  Thanks in advance.  🙂



Road trip

Kevin and I had so much fun last week!  We went on a road trip up the 395 in California and ended up in Lake Tahoe.  I haven’t processed the images yet, arrrggg!  But I plan to work on these asap and give you some info that I learned on the trip, some photography and some not photography.

For a teaser…here are some fun iPhone shots I took while road tripping.

Lake Tahoe – Secret Beach

Mono Lake iPhone Pano

Virginia City, Nevada

More to come….



Janice Sullivan


Because I always want to inspire people to photograph Macro.  Rent a lens and you’ll be hooked.  😉

Featured Photo Gear

Take Time to Submit your Images

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When you take time to photograph…take time to submit your images to a variety of sites to help expose your business and craft. I have had clients find me because of my work via contests or submissions to a variety of magazines and newsletters.

If you’re on my blog, then you can see that I have been on Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Nik (now Google Nik). I have met some really amazing people just from these three companies. But that’s not the only media presence I’ve been fortunate to be on. Below are a couple of examples where my work has been noticed and I’ve made money from it.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.25.56 PM

Photoshelter Selects

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 2.26.27 PM

Macro Photography Article




Depending on what type of photographer you are will depend on where you’ll submit images. But just to get you started check these out:

Yourshot National Geographic 

This site is a good resource to see what other photographers are shooting. When I need a pick-me-up, I go here.

Outdoor Photographer

If you’re an outdoor photographer definitely check this website out. Click around and have some fun! Check out the assignments area for a challenge.

Popular Photography

This is a great company. They pay you and give you credit when you’re asked to be published in their magazine.


What I like about pixoto is that you can submit images for free and win prizes. I also like this site because it’s not a popularity contest. Check it out and vote for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

View Bug

I’m new to View Bug but have heard good things. Let me know what you think?


The next two links will help you find a variety of contests:

The Photo Contest Directory

Photo Contest Insider

Before you submit anything please take time to read all details. You don’t want to give your work away unless you’re donating it. If you’re not getting paid for the image make sure they credit you so other potential clients can find you.

Good Luck!

Janice Sullivan

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It’s Been Fun Agency Access

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Last email from agency access


It’s been fun Agency Access but it’s time for us to part.

Agency Access is a full service marketing company for artists.    I actually really like this company and feel you should check them out if you’re interested in selling your images to companies.  I’m leaving because they do cater more to the Commercial photographer and I have strayed away from that sector in the business.  They do have a fine art area if you’re interested in checking that out, but again it’s not for SJP any longer.  So let me give you a bit of Pros and Cons on the Company to help you decide if they fit your needs.


  • A buyers Database of 90,000+
  • Easy email templates with promo tracking
  • Easy print promos & mailing


  • Geared for Commercial Photographers
  • Competition High – Buyers are bombarded with promos
  • Can be expensive


Below will be my last email promo using Agency Access.   

Last email from agency access



Again, they are a great company and will help you especially if you have the money!  Anytime I had any questions they were on it fast.

So if you’re a Commercial Photographer I say go for it!  If not, think twice before you pay for a large annual contract.


Janice Sullivan

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CG Pro Prints Review

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I was asked to Review CG ProPrints & of course I was happy to…I always like to try anything that pertains to photography and I love to talk shop!

With anything there are pro’s and con’s and so many choices in life, especially with photography!  So  – let’s talk about CG Pro Prints and the company a bit and then get to the pro’s and con’s.  What is CG Pro Prints?

  1. CG ProPrints specialize in canvas prints for professional photographers and artists.
  2. They offer amazing prices for their products.
  3. Company guarantees 100% and will pay for the return shipping.

My experience…

I received a CG sample kit and was definitely impressed with the quality of the canvas in the kit, but knowing they’re not going to send me a bad canvas, I was curious on how one of my own images would look and feel.  So I went online to their website and ordered my favorite anniversary rose (the rose on my website home page).   I did enjoy the ease of the site and I liked that they have an area where you can click on to find out how much your tax and shipping will cost before you actually get to the end.  Once I ordered my canvas, I received an email confirmation ASAP with my receipt.

These are some images from their site and it true….

The backing is solid…loving this!


Finished backs & ready to use! Yep…very nice!

The site states that they print all RGB color spaces but I did notice that my image was dark on the sample in the order area (I do have a calibrated Eizo monitor), but I decided to print anyways to see what was going to happen and I was right – the color information was not my ProPhoto RGB.  With that said,  to be safe use srgb, that is what they recommend and I would go with that.

They do have a limited amount of prints but with the wholesale prices I’m okay with that!  They ship within 3 days and you choose the shipping preference.


Snap shot from CG Pro prices.
CG Pro Prints

Newest addition is the Framed Canvas!

Framed CanvasPrices:

Framed Canvas

It was easy to order my canvas but I do recommend you size your image before you upload…usually I send my original file to my printing company and they prep for me.  But again…the price is amazing and we are all photographers…it’s not hard to re-size your image in Photoshop or Lightroom.

Below are the pros & cons:


  1. Loving the closed back that’s strong and durable.
  2. Amazed with the quality print…thumbs up!
  3. Hardware attached, ready to hang.
  4. PRICE, wow!


  1. Limited sizes.
  2. You must save your image file to the size you want (or close to it) for quality prints.
  3. Color space issues.  (I don’t like jpegs or srgb)


I can say this…Quality with a capital Q!  I have paid hundreds of dollars for my 24 x 36 canvases and I only wish those companies would have put the time & effort into their construction.   I’m amazed on how beautiful my canvas came out..see below.  I LOVE my anniversary rose!


Canvas on my Chair
Getting ready to hang canvas on daughter’s wall!
Canvas perrier
Adding a bit of POP to wall with new Canvas from CG ProPrints.

The company has a limited amount of prints, but I say who cares!!  I will definitely be using them for marketing….I’m so excited that I can now afford a beautiful canvas to give to my clients as a thank you gesture.

Many people just don’t have the money to buy expensive Canvas prints.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get your work out to the public, it’s great to give a canvas to clients for free if they order a certain amount of $ from you.  I bet they will order a canvas from you when they receive your freebee 🙂  With CG Pro Prints guarantee and discount for the professional it doesnt’ hurt to try this company for yourself.



Janice Sullivan
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