Capturing the Right Feeling

If you photograph landscapes for yourself and not for clients on a deadline, leave some of the images to process later. For example, if you’re photographing deserts in the winter, wait until the summer to process some of the work. I know that the anticipation is there after you photograph, but when I process work with a purpose to express the weather I’ll wait to actually experience the feeling I would expect in a certain climate.

This example of Sedona, Arizona in the Winter I processed fast because I wanted to remember the experience of the cool fog against the desert rocks.

I shot the image below in the winter since Joshua Tree is a desert and crazy hot in the summer. So I waited to process this image until we had a huge heatwave in Southern California because I was feeling the 100 plus temperature and wanted that conveyed in the image. If I would have worked on this in the winter, I’m sure that I would have cooled the tones a bit instead of expressing the heat with warmer tones.

Capturing the right feeling

HDR image of a Joshua Tree in Southern California


Just a quick tip for you to think about on capturing the right feeling to your images.  It really helps express yourself in your landscapes.

Have a great day…hot or cold 😉


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