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Is a Photography Business for you?

You’ve put in your 10,000 hours… taken picture after picture after picture. You’ve pressed that button so many times than you can remember and now you’re making work that you absolutely love.

What’s the next step after that? Monetizing your work. You can build your photography business with your passion, your drive, and your camera of course.

But there are things that you don’t take into account like business cards (maybe), how much money you should put in, how to get started, what are the things you need to get it running, etc.

As I built my own photography business, there are things I learned along the way. Knowledge and wisdom that you don’t gain anywhere else except from experience and persistence.

In this video, I talk about the insider photography business stuff that YOU SHOULD KNOW before you start.

Grow Your Photography Business

00:00 | Intro
14:15 | Are business cards worth it?
15:25 | Getting out of the comfort zone
17:15 | My achievements as a photographer
20:58 | My story & how I started my photography career
43:00 | Learning how the business works
50:05 | The value of your craft

Many photographers don’t realize that a business is a business and if you have the drive and dedication to be in business you CAN do it.

With that said, take some time and watch the video to hear my story, plus I answer some awesome questions that the live viewers ask during the stream.

janice sullivan talking to hundreds of photographers in santa monica california

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Of course, if you have any questions asked below or on Youtube.  It’s my mission to help photographers make more money than they’re getting now!  Why because your 1000 words DOES make a difference and you deserve to monetize with confidence!



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