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Let’s Start Your Photography Business

Here are 7 ESSENTIAL TIPS that you need to know for starting your photography business journey from registration to scaling it up!

These 7 must-know tips I’m going to share with you have helped me immensely in my photography journey, and I want that for you too. 💖📸

00:00 | Intro

00:37 | Pre-requisites to start your photography business journey

01:23 | Registration – LegalZoom

03:13 | Professional E-mail – Mailchimp

04:04 | Website – WordPress

05:29 | Setting Up a Pricing Frame

06:33 | Starting a Business Plan

07:55 | Dealing with Perfectionism

09:19 | Scaling Your Business

I’m here to help YOU, Landscape, Nature, and Macro Photographers take photos that have clients happily paying 2x-3x more and have other world-class photographers admire your work.

Sullivan J Photography’s Mission is to help Creative Nature Photographers make 2-3x more money than what they’re making NOW! SUBSCRIBE to move you faster within your business because your 1000 words DOES make a difference! 💖📸

Lone Pine, California, by Janice Sullivan


Cheers to your photography journey! You CAN do this… your 1000 words DOES make a difference 🙂

Now if you feel you don’t have the confidence to have a photography business, then watch this video asap!

Janice Sullivan
Pro Photographer & Mentor
The Photography Creative Coach®

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