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One of the reasons I have a blog is so I can chat with you all. It’s my place to share what I’ve been up too and to hopefully inspire you to be creative. I feel mentorship is HUGE in your creative life. It’s important to me to share my ideas through my photographs, but I also need to pay the bills. So business is also a big part of my life. My business plan was changing and I felt lost, so I decided to search around the web to see what I could find to learn new marketing plans.

I found a Creative Live class called, “Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep”.  This is where I met April Bowels-Olin.  Loving her style and her knowledge, I purchased her class and I was so inspired by April that I began to follow her blog and signed up for her newsletter. I’m sure you’ve been there when you find someone who uplifts you.

I knew my business plan needed help so when I saw she had a membership/mentorship program called Sunday Society I jumped on it!  It has been an amazing ride being able to work with her, but also meet some other amazing women!

During our first live call she had a dance party in the beginning, I thought it was so cool! I met my hubby dancing and I LOVE to dance! I relate to her on many levels. I have just met her buddy Mayi Carles because I joined Operation World Domination with B-School and she adds icing to the cake!

So why am I telling you all of this?  Because mentorship is AMAZING! I mentor photographers and know how important it is for me to push my apprentices. It’s not a place where we just praise everything and it’s not a place to bash work. It’s a place to be inspired and to step out of your comfort zone. That’s how you move forward.

I am stepping out of the box and have a plan for the future of my mentorship.  Macro and landscape photography is my passion and working with other photographers is my calling. And yes, I have mentors to help me.

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100


If you would like to work with me please click here to see if we would be a good fit. If not, look for someone you can work with. Just throwing your images out on social media will not push your creativity.


Janice’s Mentorship Group


As always I have a question for you…is there a mentor or a place where you’re inspired? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.


Cheers to mentors!  All of them who truly care about you!

Janice Sullivan


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