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Platform Overwhelm…Do You Have it Too?

Are you like I am and want to chat with everyone everywhere? The problem for me is that I have built a community and I feel that if I leave my various platforms, then I’m leaving my friends. I left Flickr and noticed that I only communicate with a small portion of that community on other platforms and it makes me sad. But I felt exhausted and I had a feeling I was Platformed Overwhelmed.

I decided to email Ashley a journal for the past couple of weeks of what I do on a daily basis. I tried to write a journal to myself but I always seemed do bail on it, but sending it to Ashley made me feel obligated, so I actually did it. I found that a lot of my time was spent on email and various social media platforms.  That would be ok if my business was social media, but it’s not. Here’s what I do-

I do my best to have a new blog post every week to inspire you to go out and use your camera.

-I put up videos every week to share the fun tools you can use during and after photographing.

I have projects every week and deadlines for my clients and I work with my students and educate myself every week.

I cut out time for Kevin, family and friends on the weekend, but still check my emails to see if I need to take care of something that may be an emergency.

Does this sound like you? I bet it does, maybe adding different words here and there, but I bet you’re just as busy as I am. I here it all the time….I’m swamped so I just don’t have time to photograph or finish the project I’m working on.”

If you have felt this way then I suggest you keep a journal like I did to see what you’re really doing with your time. If you’re like I am, your life is full and I think this is why many of my photographs are relaxing. They give me peace as I photograph and post process them. For example, the image below is flowers, which I love to photograph.


Image used on Platform Overload. Sharing what I like to photograph and why.

Pink Rose Flood – A variety of in focus shots merged together for more depth-of-field.

This was shot with several in focus images put together so I could have more in focus than what the camera and lens would give me. I processed it with a variety of software; Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz and Nik. I next added a plug-in called Flood to top it off. 

Yes, I’m in the process of debating on what platforms I’m going to keep and the others will have to sit on the sidelines for a while. I’ll keep you posted here, but for now thanks to all of you who take the time to read this.  I know you’re busy and I appreciate you!

So just to recap- keep a journal to see where your time is going…is it the “platform overwhelm that’s taking too much of your time?  I was shocked that this was my time problem, you may be too.

Also, if you have any time management ideas that work for you, I’d love to hear them. I can use them for sure!

Cheers to time management,

Janice Sullivan

Almost forgot…here is my latest unboxing.  🙂



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