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Amazing Gifts for Clients



I received an email asking me if I would be interested in trying USB Memory Direct Flash Drives. I thought about it and said yes because I had an idea for you… So I did a quick unboxing video for you.

If you’ve seen my unboxings you know I tell the truth on how I feel about the product.  You can check out my unboxings HERE if you’re interested in seeing them.

What’s good about giving USB’s with your logo and a fun goodie inside the flash drive for your clients is that it shows you care about them.  You’ll put a smile on their face and that’s what makes you different from purchasing a print from a company like Ikea or from a huge internet company that sells tons of various prints that they have licensed from other photographers!

It’s important for you to build a relationship with those who love your work and if you add a logo on your jump (flash) drive for them, they WILL remember you every time they use it.  What’s even better about this company is that they can make a special drive just for you!  Very cool!

I really did love the feel of this in my hands and I believe your client will too.

You can see from the video above that this drive is engraved… I like that 🙂  You may like something different so go for it and check out their drives HERE.

Have questions?  Ask below… I’m here for you 🙂



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