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Let’s attract your clients with a strong portfolio.

Would you like to make a portfolio but have thousands of photographs and you just don’t know what to do? Or you wanna wean down that portfolio so you could attract clients but you don’t know who your client is?

If this is you, watch this video all the way till the end cause I’m gonna give you 7 tips to get that portfolio perfect, and to attract clients! Let’s do it!


00:00 | Intro

00:58 | Tip #1

01:24 | Tip #2

01:49 | Tip #3.

02:46 | Tip #4.

03:20 | Tip #5.

04:19 | Tip #6.

05:53 | Final Tip

08:28 | Some shots from Ocotillo Wells CA (+ bloopers)

This is my portfolio, I hope you feel inspired.

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