100 Badass Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017 – Crazy Honored

I’m crazy honored to have made the list of 100 Badass Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017!  There are some amazing women on this list, so please check them out here.  Not only am I crazy honored, but making the list this has given me the drive to make 2017 the best year ever and I’m thankful for that focus!

What do I have planned? My calendar is full and ready to rock and roll! But here is just a bit of the fun:

  • We will chat about the camera and lenses more for you macro photographers.
  • Equipment is always a must to discuss.
  • I want to talk more about the business side of Photography including tips to help you push forward.
  • Post processing is always a must for me to share. I love to take my photographs and play with them in various software.
  • I plan to chat more about printing your work. Outsourcing and printing from your printer should be done more often.  🙂
  • I’ll share ideas for you to photograph when you’re in a rut and need to push your creativity.
  • Kevin and I love to hike so you’ll see some of our fun adventures and maybe we will inspire you to get outdoors to photograph.
  • You’ll read about some historical places. I LOVE macro, but I want to also capture places that have some history; especially old mining locations. I’m from the West so I’m drawn to it I guess.  😉

This is just a small part of what I’ve planned for the year. You can always find me on YouTube where I make short videos chatting about photography. Most of the videos are about macro, but if I like something that I think will help you like it has helped me, I’ll share it with you there.

I just finished the third part of my beginning macro tutorial! Below are the final images from the tutorial.

Dead Daisy – 2 Stack


Dead Leaf Stack

To watch the video check out my Macro Playlist here.

Look out for more fun and if you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below!


On a sad note I’ve been away for a couple of weeks so I made this video letting you know I’m here just needed some time to spend with the hubby. I still work with my apprentices and photo biz, but when life hit’s, I have to take a break with my blog and my YouTube channel. I have to pay the bills so that comes first 😉   I’m sure you all understand.


Happy New Year to all and I’m looking forward to a new fun-filled year of photography!



Janice Sullivan

Janice Sullivan

Owner - Photographer at Sullivan J Photography
Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer who specializes in Macro, Landscape Imagery.When Janice isn’t out photographing, she is working on her membership program.Janice’s work has been published in a variety of publications and has her work in hotels and restaurants around the United States and Canada.

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