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Lately I’ve been having a blast on YouTube! Meeting new photography lovers is another excitement added to my photography passion. When I joined YouTube I challenged myself to be in front of the camera and I’m so glad I did. I really love to talk shop (even when it’s a taped video)! 😉 The family and friends don’t care what f-stop I used or how I use a variety of lighting to get the shot I want, but that’s ok because now I have you and my YouTube friends.

Below are some of the latest videos you may enjoy.

To help me promote my YouTube fun I’m having a giveaway.

For everyone, newbies and oldies, enter for a chance to win either a 2017 Flood Calendar OR a $25 gift card from Amazon! 

  1. Share this post on any of your social media platforms and tag me in it!
  2. The more you share on different social media platforms, the more entries you get!
  3. Please comment below where you shared so we can verify.  We will be using the comment section to pull the names for our random drawing.


The contest/giveaway will end a week from today!  🙂

I’m excited! I haven’t had a contest in a long time. I need to get on that again…and I plan to! 😉

Again…share this blog post and let us know you did in the comment section to win our 2017 Calendar or a $25 gift card from Amazon!

4.  Oh yeah…you can also sign up for our newsletter and my YouTube channel if you’re a newbie…again, let us know that you did below in the comment section. If you signed up for both, you’ll have two entries. 


Cheers to a fun New Year!

Janice Sullivan


Congratulations to Jeri Mearns for winning the giveaway!  Thank you so much everyone for participating!  I totally appreciate you all!


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  • It’s random…hehehe and you can have fun with the gift card if you win 🙂 I’m going to draw in an hour….. yay!

  • Christy maples says:

    Shared on my personal fb and a business fb page ?

  • Jeri says:

    Hi Janice, I posted on Google+ (public), Facebook & Pinterest. LIke Sharlea, if you pick my name, pick another as I already own your gorgeous calendar.

  • Thanks Christofer! You have 2 entries ?

  • Christofer Kull says:

    Shared on G+ and Twitter.

  • I signed up for the newsletter. =-)

  • Awww that’s nice Sharlea 🙂 I saw that you shared on Google and Facebook! That’s 2 entries. We plan to take the names here and put them in a random draw program. Who can’t use a $25 gift card from Amazon? I know you’re a photographer and most photographers don’t care about the calendar so much…that’s why I added the gift card. 😉

  • Beatriz Mendoza says:

    Great job Janice! Can’t wait to see more YouTube videos 🙂

  • Sharlea Taft says:

    Sharing — if you pick my name, pick again and I’ll share the good luck with the next person. 🙂

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