When you take time to photograph…take time to submit your images to a variety of sites to help expose your business and craft. I have had clients find me because of my work via contests or submissions to a variety of magazines and newsletters.

If you’re on my blog, then you can see that I have been on Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography and Nik (now Google Nik). I have met some really amazing people just from these three companies. But that’s not the only media presence I’ve been fortunate to be on. Below are a couple of examples where my work has been noticed and I’ve made money from it.

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Photoshelter Selects

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Macro Photography Article




Depending on what type of photographer you are will depend on where you’ll submit images. But just to get you started check these out:

Yourshot National Geographic 

This site is a good resource to see what other photographers are shooting. When I need a pick-me-up, I go here.

Outdoor Photographer

If you’re an outdoor photographer definitely check this website out. Click around and have some fun! Check out the assignments area for a challenge.

Popular Photography

This is a great company. They pay you and give you credit when you’re asked to be published in their magazine.


What I like about pixoto is that you can submit images for free and win prizes. I also like this site because it’s not a popularity contest. Check it out and vote for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

View Bug

I’m new to View Bug but have heard good things. Let me know what you think?


The next two links will help you find a variety of contests:

The Photo Contest Directory

Photo Contest Insider

Before you submit anything please take time to read all details. You don’t want to give your work away unless you’re donating it. If you’re not getting paid for the image make sure they credit you so other potential clients can find you.

Good Luck!

Janice Sullivan

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  • Hi Carole! I’m glad you liked the links. I really like water drops on flowers they add an extra punch to the flower. 🙂

  • Carole says:

    Great info, thanks! I love your gerbera daisy shot.

  • Hi Monique. Thank you for the nice comment! You said it perfectly..it’s about the experience we have with the craft and what we leave behind in the short time we are on this amazing planet. Cheers Monique!

  • Hello Janice!! I am so intrigued and proud of the work that you submit, and only wish that I could do photographs as spectacular as yours. One day I will, but until I understand the capabilities of my Nikon D3100, I will probably never understand what I, personally am capable of as a photographer. I may not have the experience that I need as a Digital Photographer yet, but I have years of experience in the past as a studio photographer and understand the meaning of memorable photos. They are not only to intrigue and fascinate others, but to create important memories in the course of time to look back on ; not only to cherish, but to learn about the times of the eras that I leave behind , as well as express myself to the world. I can’t say that I will “WOW” the world with my work, but I hope to leave a path for others to follow in their lifetime and to pass on to others my experiences and add their own personal experiences as a stepping stone to those that we leave behind and pass on what our future generations to come.

  • Hi Jama. I’m glad you liked the info. Your work is beautiful and I know you and Frank will win many awards! 🙂

  • Thank you Frank! With the beautiful images that you make you’ll win tons of awards! 🙂

  • What a wonderful article, Janice. Lots of great information here and the links are terrific. I was not aware of some of them. And as usual, your photographic examples are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jama Pantel says:

    Oh wow, awesome resources! I’m saving this list as I’d like to submit more work. Thanks for the info. Helpful as always!!

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