One Hour Online Critique Session


One of the best ways to improve your photographic skill is to have a one-on-one professional critique!  Do you have a vision and need a push?  Whether you’re a newbie or a full time photographer this is for you!

I have been a mentor for a while now and I really enjoy working with people who love to push their creativity. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us in greater detail how to improve and/or push our techniques. If all you want is praise, then this is not for you. But if you want a truthful and professional constructive critique, you should be all over this.

We will chat live about the images you want me to review, and the chat will be saved on YouTube for you to keep for future reference (You can be on camera with me or just have your profile avatar as a visual, if you’re shy).

You're the best! Janice, your work is so inspiring! In the time I’ve been working with you I’ve learned more than I ever imagined - about photography, but also about the fun of exploring and the joy of sharing. You have literally changed my life with your talent & generosity.

Jeri Mearns

Let’s chat a bit more about your online critique.

Newbies, you will benefit from our critique because I will help you see 2 dimensionally as you photograph.  We will talk about learning new techniques and skills from the camera to basic post processing to maximize your impact of your images.  We will talk about each image and how you can use what we discussed for your future shoots.

Full-time photographers, you have the basics skill set but maybe need an extra set of eyes to maximize your creative spin to the work.  Maybe you’re trying something new or can’t see the vision in the work?  To have another professional really review each piece to get into your technical and post processing side of your images will take your work to the next level!

Janice is an inspiration. Her creativity, ability to capture and create images makes her well suited to teach others her craft. I personally learned a lot from Janice while being an apprentice of hers in the Arcanum. Janice has a knack of making learning fun and her diversity in covering the technical as well as the creative allows the person she's teaching to have a deeper understanding of the topics covered. No matter what level of photographer you think you are, Janice would be an excellent choice to guide you in finding your next level. I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me in my own personal journey.

Jamie Christenson

So you may ask why should you have a professional critique?  That’s a good question!  Having a professional critique is to have someone else’s eyes view your work that has been through what you’ve been through and has been trained and taught through education and years of knowledge. Who can see beyond the image and envision improvement and guide you to try new things to help you with your personal vision. To talk to you about your techniques in shooting and post processing and help you “see” your next set of work before you’ve actually shot it.

Again, you need to have an open mind and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Some of the goodies we will cover in your critique are: how you shot the work and how you post processed it to tell your story; what your thought process was while photographing; how to improve your image’s statement and power.

We will not only chat about the technical parts of your image, but also the impact and artistic statement you want to achieve. For example if you like to photograph Macro and your subject is not fully in focus I will discuss various techniques while shooting and post-processing to make sure your main subject is in focus.  Another example is color.  The colors in your work make a huge impact to your work, your theme, your statement.  Is color helping or distracting your focal points?

Thank you Janice for all your help, you are such an inspiration. Love your images and how you always share your knowledge to us, and of course your always smiling face. My photography has evolved greatly after knowing you ?

Siri Brændshøi

Once you register, you’ll receive an email within 48 hours on the steps to set up your session. I will critique five high resolution jpg images, which will be an amazing opportunity for you to help focus on your photo stories!  For example one of the questions I will ask is “What was your goal in this photograph and what do you want us the viewer to get out of the work?”  We will dive in to those questions and more.

I’m really excited to get to meet you and chat about your work!


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