Poinsettia Flowers with Textures

I love flowers, and it’s that time of the year to photograph poinsettias and play with textures. I decided to work on A.D. Wheeler’s textures to give the flowers a creative spin. Check out Wheeler’s pack by clicking here.

Andy has graciously given us a discount. I’m so happy to offer this to you since I know you’ll have a blast on whatever style of photography you shoot. Use this code at checkout to receive 20% off the purchase price: jsphoto

Thanks Andy!

It’s pretty cool. You’ll receive:

andy's textures

I worked on these flowers in my studio and then had a blast processing a variety of the textures from Andy’s pack last weekend.

poinsettia pop

Poinsettia with textures.

Poinsettia leaf with texture.

Pink poinsettia flower with texture.

Pink Poinsettia with texture.



I watched this video from B&H with Andrew Frank on balancing your life as an Artist. I liked it so much that I’d like to share it with you.

From YouTube:

This presentation tackles the simplest, yet most daunting of problems: most artists cannot survive on their creative practices alone.

Artists often juggle multiple jobs and freelance work — and are still compelled to raise funds for projects. Pressures and obligations of the day-to-day leave little space or energy for creative practice. Andrew Frank has worked through these obstacles and developed both self-diagnostics to pinpoint areas of weakness, and easy exercises to help overcome daily stumbling blocks.


Let’s start the holiday season with some fun textures and because it is a crazy time of the year on top of just being a creator. Take some time to watch “Balancing your life as an Artist”.

Don’t forget Andy’s discount on the textures!!! Use jsphoto to receive 20% off your purchase!

Have a great week and happy holidays to you all!

Janice Sullivan

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  • Hi Carole….I believe the video comes with the purchase. Again, it’s well worth the purchase. 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Lovely images.
    I will be watching the video in the future too…thanks!

  • Thank you so much Jama! Andy has textures and stamps…to much fun! I wish I had more time in my life, I could be post processing for hours with his package, lol!

  • Jama says:

    Okay, these images are awesome!! LOVE them. Can’t wait to watch the video, bookmarked it for later.

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