As I work on my images my emotions become apparent.  If I feel structured and focused I’ll work on an image like this chrysanthemum.  I love this flower but boy was it a pain to clean up 🙂




If I feel like going with the flow and life is what it is, I’ll work on an image like my daisy and Iris merge.  Of course both are flowers so that means I’m happy and enjoying the whole process!


If you would like to license these images please check out our stock site or click on the image below:

Sullivan J Photography (Janice Sullivan)

So when you are working on your images whether it’s shooting or post work,  pay attention to your emotions and I guarantee you will notice them in the final product.



Janice Sullivan
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  • Thanks Frank 🙂 I wrote this post so fast without having my coffee and noticed after…boy, did I have many grammar issues, lol! I was so like the second flower, hahaha!

    Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!

  • Frank Loose says:

    Love the two photos here. They illustrate your point well.

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