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Outdoor Photographer Cover Image

By May 16, 2012 News 24 Comments

Yep, I’m excited…I’m so excited about having my image on the cover of Outdoor Photographer!!!  When I was photographing this image below I said to my husband, “Look at the light Kevin!  This is what it’s all about!”  that moment of wow what a great visual sense and I can capture it via my camera!

Outdoor Cover for June 2012


When Christopher contacted me saying that they wanted to use this image in their magazine, I had no idea it was going to be on the cover!!  Whoo hooo what a rush!!

Thank you Outdoor Photographer!! 


Janice Sullivan
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About Janice Sullivan

Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer specializing in Macro, Landscape & Historical Travel imagery. When Janice isn't taking photographs, she is writing, volunteering and sharing her love of photography with the community. Look out for her tips & lessons on this website.

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